Reasons Why You Must Try The Magical Shirodhara Therapy

Are you feeling a lot of stress on your body and that stress is making you irritated and angry? One possible reason for this instability could be because of the imbalance of ‘Tridosha’.

How Is Shirodhara Therapy Done?

Lukewarm oil is a magical ingredient used during this stress releasing process. The lukewarm oil is poured into the head which stimulates the hypothalamus. This helps in regulating the functioning of the pituitary glands inducing sound sleep.


Shirodhara also has been proven effective in boosting blood circulation. The widening of blood vessels through the process helps in eradicating blood pressure problems.

How Is It Helpful?

Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic detox therapy that has been practiced in India for 5000 years. This therapy can magically work on deep-rooted health issues. Here are a few benefits that one can get with Shirodhara.



Insomnia can be very disturbing as not having a sound sleep can give birth to various health issues. The Shirodhara will help in de-stressing the nerves giving a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.



The tough schedule makes us break our bones leaving us frustrated and stressed. Shirodhara is an effective relaxing therapy.

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a major problem that many of us deal with. Taking Shirodhara therapy will help in strengthening the hair follicles. It will also prevent premature greying of hair. The oil penetrates deep into the scalp providing nourishment to the scalp and roots. Altogether this therapy has amazing benefits for treating hair problems.

Who Should Avoid Shirodhara Therapy?

Shirodhara is therapy with no side effects but this ayurvedic treatment comes with a limitation. Pregnant women should avoid taking Shirodhara as it can result in giving sunburn or skin rashes.

Why You Should Say YES To This Therapy?

Our head controls all our activities and it is very important that our head stays healthy and functions properly. Shirodhara balances the different doshas by using natural things like oil, ghee, milk, and water.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Avoid Caffeine- Shirodhara therapy is done to balance the doshas and intake of caffeine might cause dissension in the body.
  • Use Ayurvedic  Shampoo- Oil is used during the therapy so if you want to wash the hair after it is done choose an ayurvedic shampoo.
  • Silence is the key- Shirodhara rejuvenates the mind and body. Keeping silence will help in conducting the therapy effectively.
  • Room Temperature- The room temperature where the therapy is being done should neither be too cold nor too hot. It should be soothing.



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