Realistic New Year Resolutions That You Can Keep!

2019 is almost over and it’s time to contemplate the lessons we learned this year, the people we won and the ones we lost. It’s also the time when we make unrealistic new year resolutions that we find too hard to keep.

We make, we break and we forget!

But, just like every year we never give up. If you are one of those people who want to give the process another try, let me help you out.

Here are some of the realistic New year resolutions that you can keep!

1. Eat One Seasonal Fruit Daily!

Seasonal Fruit
Via: Daily Excelsior

Cutting on that delicious piece of chocolate cake is pretty tough! But, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. You can simply add some tastier nutritious food to your diet for a healthy you. My point is that you don’t always have to choose the hard option, just eat one seasonal fruit daily and that will decrease your excess sugar craving.

2. Meditate and just relax!

Via: Yoga Journal

Life can be very stressful and it can sometimes challenge you repeatedly. The stress of the modern-day lifestyle can lead to many health problems and loss of peace. But doing meditation early in the morning can be challenging! So, instead of that just close your eyes and take deep breaths before going to bed. It will destress you and you’ll have a much nicer sleep.

3. Do fun activities at least once a week!

fun activities

Taking time out for yourself daily can be a challenge in a hectic life but you can do things that make you happy at least once a week. Take some time out and do things that you love like going out for a walk in nature or just dancing to your favourite songs. Not only will it keep monotony out of your life but it will also boost your happiness hence, a more positive you!

4. Read a page, newspaper or anything just read!

Via: Forbes

Developing a reading habit by setting a goal too high never works! If you aren’t a reader then, start by reading a chapter from one of your favourite books, some online articles or just your daily newspaper. Don’t try to read a lot of books at the very start, start by taking baby steps and you will eventually develop interest.

5. Be Anti-social *not literally* for a day every week!

Via: Boston University

By anti-social I mean, just take a break from scrolling miles on social media, relax and take some time off from your phone. You will discover a whole new world called reality in which you can make time for people and have meaningful conversations. Sounds good, right? Spend time with your loved ones, meet new people, have a heart to heart conversation with someone. your phone isn’t the only world you should live in!

6. Be a little kind!

Be Kind

Be a little kind to others and most importantly to yourself. It’s time you accept yourself and say goodbye to your insecurities. Be more polite to others and your coworkers as polite people easily get their way and people cooperate with them more!

It’s going to be a new year, so don’t think about the past and try your best to keep these resolutions!

Happy new year folks!

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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