Prince Philip: Know The Modernizer Of British Monarchy

The Duke Of Edinburgh, Prince Philip took his last breath in Windsor Castle of England on Friday morning. Entire Britain is mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince of Greece and Father of Charles who was 99 years old.

His death has created a forever void in the royal family, especially in the Queen’s life as Late Prince Philip was her backbone and source of strength. He left the Navy to support her majesty after marriage. The modernizer of the British monarchy was the most popular figure and famous for his frank comments, adventurous and philanthropic nature.

Here are some major events from his timeline and interesting facts about Prince Philip.

First Youngest Lieutenant

prince of greece

In October 1940, he joined the HMS Valiant after a year of his inclusion in the British Royal Navy to support the country during the second world war. The next year, he promoted to sub-lieutenant from a midshipman and later commissioned as a lieutenant. One of the interesting facts about Prince Philip that he was only 21 during that time and the youngest lieutenant of HMS Wallace.

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Prince Philip Rejected All Titles

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Prince Philip renounced all the titles and acquire British citizenship in February 1947. He also refused to hold the royal titles after marriage. In 1957, Queen sent many letters to title Philip as British Prince. He later got the title of the Duke of Edinburg and several more such as Knight of the Thistle, Order of Merit, Knight of the Garter, and many more.

Lt. Prince Philip To “Your Majesty”

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The same year when the Duke of Edinburgh took the oath of British citizenship, he married to the daughter of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI. The two fell in love after their first meeting in the Royal Naval College. She was only 13 at that time.

Both got engaged in 1947 after Prince Phillip expressed his wish to marry Elizabeth in front of her parents. The King accepted the proposal but did not allow them to marry until Elizabeth turns 21. The wedding day was very special and Philip was honored with the title of Order of the Garter by King George VI on the same day making it a memorable moment in royal history.

End Of Naval Career 

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From 1939 to 1953, the Prince served the British Royal Navy but his career ended in 1952 when the father of Elizabeth II died in Kenya. The royal couple was on tour during that time and returned immediately to the UK after receiving the news. The British throne was handed over to Elizabeth and she became queen.

Longest-Serving British Consort

prince philip

The Duke of Edinburg was the longest-lived male royal member. Besides this, he was also the third royal member who survived longer than any other British royal. This royal couple also made history by becoming the longest-serving consort that they celebrated on their 58th wedding anniversary. They were also the only royal couple who has celebrated a platinum wedding anniversary.


2nd August 2017 was the day when Prince retired from all his responsibilities as the Duke of Edinburg.

prince philip

The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to the hospital for the treatment of pre-existing heart infection in March and he died a month later on 9th April 2021.

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