Must-Try! 7 Food Fusions That Sounds Weird But Are Worth Exploring

Ever tried chocolate with samosa or dhokla? Sounds weird! If this sounds crazy to you then we wonder what would you think about these weird food combinations. And you don’t have to travel abroad to taste them, all are served in India and you can cook them at home as well.

Weird Food Fusions That Show It’s Good To Experiment Sometimes

India is a country of impossible, Agreed! If we can have the world record of making largest chapati, biggest boondi laddu ever, then it’s no doubt we can give credit to India for inventing some of the weirdest food combos that definitely please our palates at the end.

And anyone would love to give it a try. So, get ready to taste all those amazing mix ups that you have never thought of.

Boozy Pani Puri

vodka pani puri
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Love Pani Puri? Of course, everyone loves this all-time favorite street food and no matter how much spice goes into it, we will still crave for one more. But, would you ever experiment with pani puri like this one- Vodka in Pani Puri.

There are so many resto-bars and small food vendors at the street of various cities that serve this amazing combination. What a great idea to get one more shot without asking for permission from parents, isn’t it?

So, enjoy this light and boozy street food which are served at the streets of Mumbai, Delhi,Hyderabad, and so on…

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South Indian Or Chinese? What’s Your Fav?

schezwan dosa

There are masala dosa, mysore masala dosa, moong dal dosa, onion rava dosa, and hundred more varieties of dosas. So, if you love this South Indian delight then you are not gonna get bored of it.

And one more variety that adds up to this list is Schezwan Dosa. We don’t have to mention what’s the source of inspiration for this weird combo. Of course it’s our love for Chinese food and we, Indians not only embrace the Western cuisine but also gives it our own twist.

Schezwan Dosa is a perfect example of it and it’s literally tastes yummy. Don’t believe us then next time try putting some schezwan sauce next on the dosa batter while cooking. Here’s the full recipe:

We bet you’ll make it everyday in breakfast.

Vada Pav With No Vada

What’s vada pav without vada, nothing more than a simple plain pav. Maybe it’s more delicious you might think we have gone crazy, no not at all.

This signature street food of Mumbai seems irreplaceable but, it looks like ice cream vada pav is giving it a tough competition. First time, a Gujarati street food vendor stunned everyone with this unique combination.

He put a big scoop of ice cream in between the half-cut pav instead of vada(aloo patties.) Drizzled the flavored liquid on top and garnished with dried fruits and ice cream vada pav is all set to burst the flavors in mouth.

You can try this at home as well.

Gulab Jamun Turns Into Cake

Gulab Jamun and ice cream is okay but what’s this, cheesecake and that to be with gulab jamun. Of course, it’s double treat but what about calories. One piece would be enough to hike your calorie count.

If you are ready to work hard in gym after eating this, then go and have this delicious cheesecake. And if you wanna try this at home, note down the ingredients and follow the steps shown in video:

Maggi Or Samosa? What About Maggi Samosa

Another all-time favorite, king of street food Samosa definitely not need a twist. But, whosoever has came up with the idea of mixing maggi and Samosa deserves appreciation. Now we don’t have to choose which one is best, maggi samosa is best after all.

Since then we have lots of options like noodle samosa, pasta samosa, veg chinese noodle samosa, and so on…

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Spice Alert! 

green chili ice cream

So, we have vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate, buttered pecan, and green chilli ice cream. Wait! What’s the last one? Chilies in ice cream!

Is it an experiment worth doing? We can’t say because everyone has different taste. You can try this one if your taste buds crave for something new every time but don’t blame us what happen later.

Coco Cola Chicken

coco cola chicken
via: unsophisticook

Whether you try above weird food combinations or not, this one is worth exploring. Chicken wings or thighs filled broiled in ketchup and coco cola with dried oregano and sweetness of sugar will make you ask for more.

If you are confused what to cook on Christmas eve, then try coco cola with chicken. We bet your guests would love it.

Yay or Nay? What do you think about these weird food fusions? Share your views with us and also tell us what’s the weirdest food combos you have ever tried.

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