5 Must-Read Books During Quarantine

It’s time to do things you like during self-isolation. If you love reading, then you must have a vast list of books that you want to read during this. But, here are some best books of all time that you must include in your inventory.

5 Must-read Books Of All Time

Station Eleven

Must-Read Books

Author: Emily St John Mandel

It is a must-read book during quarantine as the story is very relatable with the present situation. The book depicts the pandemic days that ends civilization. But, few people managed to survive, and they try to rebuild the city.

The characters of the story travel from place to place in search of food. But these characters are artists, so they stage old plays of Shakespeare to earn some food. There is no war, gun battles, and other forms of drama in the Station Eleven. However, the character’s trouble with survival as the whole civilization has ended. They reckon the past days and the things they have lost. For them, survival is terrible and challenging.

Must-read it to know how the pandemic destroyed everything and how the only group of people survived.

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best books of all time

Author: Ling Ma

Another pandemic novel starts with the narrator Candace Chen who survives the Shen fever that ends the world. It is exciting to know how she survived amidst the shen fever. This is one of the best books of all time, especially during this time.

The Great Believers

must read books

Author: Rebecca Makkai

The story revolves around gay friends in Chicago. The author is narrating two stories in parallel. The first story is of a young art expert in 1985 who lost his friends due to Aids. The second story is of a Fiona back whose daughter is missing, and she is grieving from the death of her brother, who died of Aids in 1985.

These two stories are exciting and very emotional, as well. The lockdown period is indefinite, and to spare this time, “The Great Believers” is the right choice.

The Old Drift

best books of all time

Author: Namwali Serpell

The novel revolves around three multigeneration families. However, there is no pandemic situation in the story, but later the stories of these families shaped around the Aids epidemic. The novel is all about technology, colonialism, the idea of two continents- Africa and Europe.

The Doomsday Book

best books of all time

Author: Connie Wills

This 1992 novel is a science fiction story of a graduate student. The American boy travels through time and reaches to the middle ages. The journey is a part of historical research. The twist comes into the story when an epidemic spread; meanwhile, his journey. Did the boy become a carrier of infection spreading this epidemic? Find out the answer in the novel.

These are the 5 must-read books of all time that you will enjoy reading.

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