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MP News: Sarpanches to get Rs. 4250 Wage!!

CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan organized an orientation program for the newly elected sarpanches in Bhopal on Wednesday. CM said he would visit for a surprise inspection but it isn’t possible to reach everywhere. He wants sarpanches to work as his eyes and ears and operate their territories with full commitment. The work in the villages will be done according to the sarpanches that are chosen by the people.


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MP News: Decisions Made 

  • CM said to allow villagers to dig wells under Kapildhara Scheme;
  • Wages of the Sarpanches are now increased to Rs. 4250 From Rs. Rs. 1750;
  • Right of Administrative Approval for the villagers will be changed from 15 lakh to 25 lakh;

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MP News: CM Also Said

Shivraj proposed restarting the process of reconnecting remote roads to the farms. He also raised the issue of fraud in CM helpline complaints and said FIR will be lodged against the culprits.


Shivraj said “I want to run the government with all of you. Mama is standing with you every step of the way.”


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