5 Inspirational Kaka’s Dialogues That Will Change Your Life

First Superstar of Bollywood, Rajesh Khanna was truly an inspirational for everyone. He entertained us with his acting and style of delivering dialogues. Gave back-to-back 15 hits movie in his entire 46 years of career.

Many superstars came after him but none is as inspirational and impactful as him. His iconic dialogues are motivation for everyone who are struggling with life. They are worth remembering at tough times because “You Can Forget People But Not Their Words.”

But neither Rajesh Khanna is forgettable nor these lines from his hit movies.

5 Most Inspiring Dialogues Of Rajesh Khanna

Here are some of the best dialogues of this magnanimous personality on his birth anniversary.


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” Ae Babu Moshai, Zindagi Aur Maut Uparwale Ke Haath Hai. Usse Na Aap Badal Sakte Hain Na Main.”

These lines of Rajesh Khanna aka Anand in the movie Anand reminds us that no matter how hard we try we cannot escape death and life. And this year when most of the people have lost their loved ones due to covid or any natural calamities need these words.

It’s God who decide everyone’s life so don’t stress about it and enjoy the life. ” Life is too short to worry about death”

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rajesh khanna
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” Kisi Badi Khushi Ke Intezaar Mein Hum Yeh Chote Chote Khushiyoon Ke Mauke Kho Dete Hain”

Well said but most of us don’t work on it. We all wait for someone or a special moment to stay happy and forget how much happiness the little moments add in our life.

Remember these lines because the big moments are not worth waiting every time. Enjoy and cherish the present and find happiness in small things because ” Big or small moments, doesn’t matter; Happiness matter most.”


safar movie
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” Main Marne Se Pehle Marna Nahi Chata” 

Fear of death can kill you even before you die. So, do not waste your life or fear too much about it death after all one day everyone has to die. What’s the point to live in fear and not enjoying the beautiful gift of life. Rajesh Khanna’s this dialogue delivers this message.

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Amar Prem

amar prem
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” Zindagi Ke Kuch Chakkar Aaise Hote Hai Jinka Mazaa Sirf Wohi Le Sakta Hai… Joh Zindagi Ka Share Jaan-Buchkar Ghaate Mein Khareede”

Gain and loss are two sides of Life and one has to enjoy both. Unfortunately, people focus more on gain and cannot handle the loss and worry about it. Stress themselves and lose life.

Remember this dialogue of Rajesh Khanna whenever you feel losing. There is good even in loss try to figure out and move on because your experience during those time will help you gain one day.

Kati Patang

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” Apnepan Ke Liye Kisiko Apna Banana Zaroori Nahi…Jisse Bhi Apnapan Mil Jaye Wohi Apna Hai “

The concept of LOVE in this real world is vague but this dialogue clearly defines it. Love is not about winning a person instead the feeling of togetherness.

So whosoever is together with you in tough and easy times, just enjoy their company instead of running after the concept of winning in Love.


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” Hum Aane Waale Gam Ko Kheench Taan Kar Aaj Ki Kushi Pe Le Aate Hai… Aur Us Kushi Mein Zehar Ghol Dete Hai”

So true but hard to practice. The tragic moments and painful memories of life are hard to forget. But if we keep remembering them then they will ruin our peace.

If this cycle continues then our life will become miserable and we could not enjoy the life like others do. So, don’t stick to those heartbreaking memories move on and don’t let your past ruin the present and future.

These inspiring dialogues are not the words to entertain you, they have secret meanings which the present generation needs to understand. Here are few more meaningful lines from his movies:

“Log Zindagi ka Sabse Chota, Sabse Keemti Lafz Bhool Gaye Hain…PYAR”

“Maut Toh Ek Pal Hai”

“Babumoshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye….Lambi Nahi”

Embed these words in your life and take inspiration whenever you feel not worthy, lost, and running out of motivation. Watch these hit movies of Rajesh Khanna to feel these words because words hit harder when we feel it.









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