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Did You Know Dharam Paji Never Wanted To Be “Veeru” In Sholay? Check More Surprising Facts Here

Fans from all over the country are pouring best wishes for good health to ” Garam Dharam” on the occasion of his birthday. The He-Man of Indian Cinema aka “Action King” turns 85 today.

Even at this age, Dharma Paji has not bid adieu to the film industry and even fans want to watch him on the big screen. Movies like Sholay, Phool aur Pathar, Seeta aur Geeta, Yamla Pagla Deewana, Apne, and Dharam Veer are the proof why we love Dharam Paji.

But do you know that role of Veeru in Sholay was not his first choice ? Read further to know about more surprising and unknown facts about Dharam Paji that every fan must know on his 85th birthday.

Unknown Facts About A Born Legend “Dharam Singh Deol”

You read right, his original name is Dharam Singh Deol and he was born in a small village named Nasrali in Punjab’s Ludhiana district. Since childhood he wanted to be an actor and on his mum’s advice he sent a written application along with his photos to the Filmfare’s new Talent Hunt.

He not only got selected but also won the competition.

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1. Made Bollywood Debut On Salary Of 51 Rs Only

dil bhi tera hum bhi tere
via: pinterest

Dharmendra Deol is a one of the finest actor of Bollywood and highest paid actors from 70s and 80s. His charm and fit body attracted many and even after the debut of his sons in film industry, Dharmendra got offers for lead roles.

That’s the popularity of Sholay star who started his filmy career from the movie ” Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere.” The movie was a life changer for Dharam Paji and he got many offers then.

The movie was directed by Arjun Hingorani with whom he worked from 1960-1991.

2. Got Married At The Young Age

Quite shocking but true, Dharmendra got married when he was just 19 with Prakash Kaur in 1954. He has 4 children from his first wife- Sunny, Bobby, Vijeeta, and Ajeeta.

Here’s the old pic of Dharmendra with his wife and children:

dharmendra deol
via: desimartini

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3. Dharmendra-Themed Restaurant

Garam Dharam Dhaba
via: youtube

He has not only inspired many young actors but also restaurant owners for his great love for food. After all, he is a Punjabi man and fond of eating Punjabi food.

New Delhi has restaurant cum Dhaba that was inaugurated by Dharam Paji itself. “Garam Dharam, Dhaba Te Theka” is a very first celebrity inspired food outlet in Delhi.

It has Dharam Ji special Phool aur pathhar ke kebab, Mai Balwaan family naan, and more. Not only food but the interiors have walls framed movie posters, bike from Sholay, dialogues scribbled on wall, and Dharam ji’s popular songs.

” Garam Dharam, Dhaba Te Theka” is a true tribute to this living legend and will take you to the era of Dharam Paji.

4. Veeru Wanted To Be Thakur And Jay As Gabbar

via: indiatoday

” Basanti In Kutte Ke Samne Mat Nachna, ” kutte main tera khoon pi jaunga, ” and more are the iconic dialogues that nobody can forget. But, these dialogues won’t be so popular if Dharam had not played the role of Veeru which he didn’t want to play at the start.

He wanted to be Thakur Baldev Singh and Amitabh Bachchan wanted to be Gabbar. If that would have not changed, we guess Sholay won’t be as entertaining as it turned out to be.

And all because Veeru got the girl at the end so Dharam ji changed his mind and get ready to play the role of Veeru. Another rumor is that Dharam ji asked spot boys to make mistakes during the scenes with Hema and he paid for that as well.

5. Remarried Without Divorce

Dharmendra and Hema
via: bindassbox

When the ” Action King” met Dreamgirl during the shooting of Tum Haseen Main Jawan, he fell for her. He was so love in Hema that he could not stop chasing her and decided to marry her even though Prakash was his wife. But, his first wife didn’t divorce and Dharam married to his dreamgirl.

His epic love story is still the talk of the town and the duo never miss a chance to express their love in public. These pics are the proof:

Dharamendra and Hema
via: jagran
Dharmendra and Hema
via: indiaforums

Picture never lies and that’s true. Dharam and Hema is undoubtedly the power couple of the Bollywood and we wish this love keeps blooming each day.

Happy Birthday Dharam Paji!

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