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Best Year So Far!10 Worthy Life Lessons For Which We All Should Thanks 2020

2020, A year which nobody could forget ever in his lifetime. Right! Everyone has their own complaints and painful stories for which 2020 is to be blamed. But, we thanks 2020 for the right reasons. It has taught has so much that we could not learned in our entire life.

One is enough!!!

Here we have made a list of all those wonderful and worthy life lessons that this year taught us unknowingly. Read it till the end and you will also thanks that 2020 happened.

2020: Not A Year, A Lesson That The World Will Remember Forever

Here are the 10 most important teachings of Covid Year or 2020.

Health Is Wealth

covid 19
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We don’t have to say that why this phrase has been so important especially for this year. Covid outbreak in 2019 put the world into panic. Everyone was confused what happened suddenly or maybe some countries were aware.

Whatever, one thing covid-19 has definitely made us believe that it is health we need the most and not the money. So, now those who have been ignoring their health just because for extra money have understood it better.

Money is waste if you are not in good health.

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Take Little Things Seriously

covid 19
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Some people can’t be serious. They live in their own world dreaming everything would happen on their own and they don’t have to work for it. No, it won’t happen especially it didn’t happen in 2020.

Everyone worked harder from doctors, police, health officials, sanity workers, and others to control the spread. It has also increased everyone’s responsibility towards themselves and others. Be it wearing mask or washing hands, 2020 taught us to take little things seriously.

Make this your 2021 resolution.

Use Social Media Wisely

online communication
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Social media has always been a platform to connect but most of people makes opposite use of it. They use it for entertainment, making tiktoks, ignoring, cheating and posting fake moments. Of course, we did the same this year but we used it more to connect with friends, long-distance partner, family, and relatives.

Social media is meant for connection and we all used it for this one purpose more than ever before in 2020.

Each Life Matters

black life matters
via: theceomagazine

With the posters and banners around the world ” Black Life Matters” we get to understand that colors don’t decide the right to live. Everyone’s life matters and the raging protestors on the street across the world fought for it.

Not only this, but the spread of covid taught us to keep other’s safe by putting masks on and regularly washing hands. So, wearing masks is not only for our safety but our loved one’s safety as well.

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Love Your Family More

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Busy schedules, unexpected meetings, and never ending work kept us away from the family and loved ones since long. Only those who give priority to work can relate this. But we all have been ignoring the family, their love and care just because of work.

Covid and lockdown gave us time, Yes we were anxious and panic about jobs but at last we all should thanks 2020 to bring us closer to those who needs us most.

Nothing Is Permanent

via: npr

Everyone has lost something or someone this year, Agreed! Whether it’s love, friend, job, or our loved ones everyone felt the loss. Big or small doesn’t matter, loss is loss and we have felt it deeper because we were locked at home.

Life loss cannot be regained but if you have came across the fake friends or annoying love then Thanks to 2020. At least, you are free from unnecessary expectations and fake promises. Search for a new love, real friend, and worthy jobs after all nothing is permanent and at the end your happiness matter.

Hygiene Is Important

via: youtube

Honestly tell, did you have the habit of washing hands after sneezing or before meals? Many of us don’t and that’s a truth. If covid-19 has not been here then those lazy people would not have learned this manner.

Moreover, we didn’t know the right way of washing before. Even sanitizers were not the part of our life before. We have learned a lot about hygiene and difference between real and fake sanitizers, isn’t it.

Boost Up Skills

improve skills
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9-5 jobs keep us stuck and we rarely take out time to learn something new. Mostly, we complaint that we don’t have time for new skills. So, lockdown and covid gave us that time. If you haven’t learned something new during lockdown then it’s your biggest mistake.

Embrace Changes

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Changes happen slowly but some are sudden and not everyone can accept them quickly. 2020 taught us that valuable thing as we have seen sudden changes and that to be back to back.

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Depression Is Real

sushant singh rajput
via: thefederal

A lots of depression stories have been around the internet but not all are heard. Some people around you might have been experiencing the same but could not ask for help. On the other hand, some are unable to understand how it feels like being in depression.

Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death highlighted this sensitive topic. We have lost this talented star but at least world took depression seriously.

A lot more had happened and we don’t know what 2021 will bring. All we can do is take these lessons with us and move forward with head highs and ready to face any challenges.

Tell us in comments if we have forgotten some worthy life lessons by 2020.

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