Models Who Taught Us Imperfection Is Real Perfection

5’9” inches tall, weighing 100-150 pounds with no scars; that’s how a fashion model should be. Not anymore at least not in the 21st century when top models like Winnie Harlow, Neha Parulkar, Dinesh Mohan are shifting the industry to a different level. They are bringing revolutionary changes in the industry and inspiring everyone irrespective of their skin complexion and weight to fulfill their dreams.

Here are many such models highlighting uniqueness over conformity.

Nyakim Gatwech: Queen Of The Dark

Racism is everywhere and the beauty industry that is obsessed with fairness is to be blamed. It has made us believe that dark skin people can’t be a commercial model, the face of a cosmetic brand, or suitable enough to walk on the runway.

darkest model

But Beverly Johnson brought a revolution in this racism industry in 1974 by becoming the first black model to be featured in the Vogue magazine. A 24-year old Nyakim Gatwech is even more inspiring especially for African girls with high melanin. She is darkest of all and called “Queen of the Dark” Indeed she is!

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Size Is Just A Number For Tinder Badhesha

plus size model

Absolutely true! But it’s an important figure for the fashion world thus female models work hard in the gym so that their weight doesn’t raise even a pound.

Tinder Badhesha has changed this bar by becoming the first plus-size model of America. She has introduced body positivity on the global platform and paved a way for all the plus-size models.

Since then models like Neha Parulkar, Anjana Bapat, Payal Soni, Vivian Eyo-Ephraim, and many more are teaching us to embrace the curves beautifully. And not just in the female category, even plus-size male models like Anil Pamnani and Kais Sundrani are showcasing their modeling skills without worrying about their body weight.

Winnie Believes Beauty Lies In Every Skin

winni harlowWinnie Harlow is a supermodel of America and she is the first supermodel with vitiligo ( skin discoloration) to walk on the runway. She is also a public spokesperson and raising awareness on vitiligo as it is not even seen as a disease rather termed as ugly, unattractive, and impure skin.

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Melanie Gaydoes: An Extraordinary Model

models breaking barriersRarest of all, Melanie Gaydos is teaching us to embrace our bodies and not feel low for being different. She has not-fully developed teeth, bones, nails, and is partially blind. Still, she walks like she owns the runway and is the most extraordinary model so far.

Jillian Mercado Teaches Us Only Passion Matters

models breaking barriers

Jillian was finding only one thing on the runway since childhood and that was a model like her. She didn’t find one as a model with a disability was not in the norms of the fashion industry.

Jillian Mercado became a change and her keen interest to be a part of this industry made it happened. She is suffering from muscular dystrophy, a condition where the bones become weaker gradually. The disease is caused by genetic mutations and is incurable.

There are many more models with genetic disorders who are confidently stepping into the fashion world. Jamie Brewer with Down syndrome is another inspiration.

Rare Is Beautiful According To Toshada Uma

toshda uma

White hair means you are growing old, No that’s not true in the case of people with alopecia. This rare hair condition turns the hair white at a very young age. Toshada Uma is one among those dealing with white hair issues since childhood but she didn’t give up on her dreams. Today, she is encouraging everyone who dreams of becoming a petite model.

Dinesh Mohan Proved Age Is Just A Number

dinesh mohanLosing weight from 130 kgs to 50 kgs isn’t a big deal but defeating depression and eating disorder at the age of 60 is. Dinesh Mohan has won a battle against himself to make his life worthy. And what a tremendous change he has brought not only to his body but a career as well.

At the age of 60 where people take retirement and relax, Dinesh works hard in the gym and focuses on his acting and modeling career. Not because he loves doing it but because he knows the secret of enjoying life and teaching us the same.

Daphne Selfe is the oldest female model working at Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harpe’s Bazaar. She is 88 and not ready to retire so early.

These brave models are undoubtedly the inspiration all aspiring models need today.

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