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A Look At Birthday Girl Sanya Malhotra’s Chic Hairstyles

Everyone is fond of bouncy curly hair, but it is not easy to deal with the struggle to get the perfect locks or waves. There are many days when the curly hair doesn’t stay in place. Not only the hair care regime for curly hair needs to be explicit, but hairstyling is also a different challenge.

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Girls with curly hair mostly assume that they don’t have a lot of options to dress their hair. Besides that fact, Bollywood actress Sanya Malhotra is giving hairstyle goals to all the women. From updos to bun hairstyles, if you are willing to get chic hairstyles, then do read the full story.

  • Wavy Bangs Look Super Classy

Sanya has set a new hair trend by abandoning straight bangs for wavy ones. Most people with curly hair generally straighten the bangs and leave the rest of the curls kinked. But, have you ever thought about embracing those naturally curly bangs? If not, then give it a try by taking inspiration from Sanya Malhotra’s super stylish bangs.

  • Short Hair Looks Cute

There is a common myth that ringlet curls cannot be dressed in more than two ways. To anyone who thinks so, Sanya Malhotra has the cutest hairstyle for bursting the misconception. She slays in the short hair with those tight curls making us drool over that elegant cut. So, if you want to change your look, go for short hair to look wow.

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  • Knots Are All Time Favourite

Curly hair can keep covering your face at times. The most convenient and stylish way to keep them off your face and feel pleasant is to tie them all up in a top-knot. The actress manifests beauty in a top-knot, showing that the easy-breezy hairstyle looks amazing. Moreover, the hairstyle can be effortlessly styled on tight curls.

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  • Low Buns Are Delightful

If you are confused about grooming your curls on ethnic outfits, don’t fear making a mid-parted low bun. Keep it smooth and glossy. Also, do not forget to avoid any face-framing pieces falling from either side. The hairstyle looks simple as well as fashionable.

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  • Let The Curls Go Wild

If you are not having enough time to brush your curls, then relax because Sanya has the perfect hairstyle idea. Want to let your hair be free and wild but don’t want them to cover your face? Then try putting a beautiful hairband on your hair and gently lay them over your shoulders. The hairstyle gives an adorable look with zero effort.

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Wishing a very happy birthday to the Fashion Diva!!!!

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