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Lockdown’s First Anniversary: Reviving the Nightmare Of Lockdown 2020

History Repeats Itself!!! With the second wave of covid-19 on the edge of hitting India, looks like the country may go back to the same state of Lockdown 2020 when life nearly shut down. The government is planning to impose lockdown and night curfews back in most parts of the country surprisingly in the same month. Maharashtra has already begun the process followed by Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh to curb the growth of covid-19 cases.

Well, nobody is sure whether lockdown could prevent the increase in the spread of the virus but one thing is sure, this time it will severely impact the public and country’s economy. These five major impacts of lockdown on India will give you a clear view of how worse can the situation be if total lockdown is imposed again.

Slowing Down the Country’s Economy

lockdown 2021

For the first time in the history of India, the country recorded a huge fall in GDP. It fell by 23.9 % for the year April-June 2021. Only 3.1 % growth was reported for the economic year which is the lowest in the 17 years.

Killing The Future Of Children

lockdown 2021

Lockdown changed the country’s education system forcing the school and colleges to shut down for months. How long? That was the question then. As a result, students were forced to get online classes which not only troubled them but parents and teachers as well.

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Loss Of Job

lockdown 2020

With the companies shutting plants due to lockdown and gaining the advantage of cutting salaries. Around 121.5 million people lost their jobs pushing India’s employment rate to 26 percent within few months of lockdown. Daily wage workers, small traders, and even government employees suffered from money loss and job loss.

Lockdown 2020 Affecting Migrant Workers

lockdown 2021

The condition was worst for migrant workers. The financial crisis, food, and water scarcity forced many migrant workers to head towards their hometown. They began their journey on foot with no facility of proper transportation as trains and buses were not operational then.

Many never arrived home as they lost their lives during the journey due to starvation. However, the statistical data by the government never revealed the exact number of deaths.

Lockdown 2020 Raised Suicidal Tendency

lockdown 2021

Stress, anxiety, depression are the common reasons behind the suicidal tendency among people and lockdown triggered these symptoms causing an increase in suicidal rate by 67 percent. And not just the public, many popular names from the film and TV industry committed suicide last year.

Sushant Singh Rajput, Manmeet Grewal, Samir Sharma, Disha Salian, Kannada actor Chandana, the list is very long.

India is still recovering from the ill impact of lockdown 2020 and imposing another one can make the recovery nearly impossible.

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