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Lazy Girls! 5 Lazy Girl Nail Art Designs That Are Actually Easy

Creating DIY nail art designs looks easy and great on YouTube and Instagram videos. But when it comes to creating it at home, all your desirable designs require several tools, colours and higher-level skills. However, yes you don’t have all these things, but you have lots of time amid lockdown. So, why not to do something creative with nails because there’s no one around to judge your nails.

Fortunately, there are some of the latest art designs that are subtle and require only two colours. With a few household items and patience, you can popup your nails with colours!

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Spooky And Chic:

Do you like simplicity with elegance? If yes, then this nail art is great for you. It looks simple, as well as stylish. All you need to do is to outline your nails with your fav colours and leave the rest of it empty.


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#Halloween #nailart can be #spooky AND chic! 🔳🔲 Try this #ghost frame outline #nail 👻 tag me if you recreate! #boo #illusion

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Elegant Dots:

Dots are the simplest and best way to try art designs at home without tools and multiple colours. Moreover, it has all the things that a popular nail must have like clean lines, contrasting colours and negative space.


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🔴⚪️ Beige and Red #handpainted #nailart

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Color Block:

This nail art proves that your nails also look beautiful without glitter and appliqués. All you need to do is to just simply apply bright colours as the base and then put tape areas you want to leave blank. Then, paint on the second shade.


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There’s still appointments available for your holiday mani’s @fantasy.nyc inside @nextcenturyc21

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Happy Faces:

Lockdown period means loneliness, anxiety, negative vibes and mood swings. So, in this tough time, a reminder to smile can really lift up your mood. If you don’t have black and yellow colours at home, two other different shades work just as well. All you need to do is to leave the nail empty and only paint a circle. You can use a steady brush or a gel pen to draw on the rest.


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Don’t worry. Be Happy. 🙂 Beautiful little jewelry pieces from @bohemiansands

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Earn Your Stripes:

Looking for the simplest design that is classy and adorable as well? Simply paint your nail with one colour, and then use different colours to draw stripes across with a brush. Also, you can use gel pain to make it easier.

Aren’t they fun and easy? So, let’s try these nail art designs at home and get likes on Instagram!

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