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5 Reasons Why Your Face Puffs Up In The Morning; No. 3 Will Definitely Amaze You

Even after getting proper sleep, you will still wake up to a bloated and puffy face. Isn’t it funny and weird? Why this happens every day with you? When you wake up, your face looks like a potato. Meanwhile, it seems like your eyes are touching to your chubby cheeks!

Well, apart from getting enough rest, there are also some other reasons as to why you are waking up with a bloated or puffy face. Basically, Asians believed not to drink water at night, or your face will become puffy the very next morning. Well, that’s right! The buildup of fluid in the face cells leads to facial swelling. But it isn’t the only reason.

There are also other reasons why your face looks puffy in the morning. Let’s look at some of them:

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Taking A Hot Shower:

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Feeling bad on this! But there’s no one who doesn’t like to take a shower with hot water. Too hot shower water is unable to de-puff your morning bloated face. If fact, it makes your face much puffier! You might not like to take a shower with icy and cold water, but it’s the best option. So, try to take a shower with cold water.

Moon Facies:

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It is a condition when extra fat stores upon the cheeks of the face. Moon facies leads the face to become full, round, or puffy. While this condition is often related to the high release of hormones and obesity. So, if you are suffering from this, you may need to go for a checkup with your doctor.

Salty Snacks:

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Our life is incomplete without that big bang of crisps and french fries! We love to eat at night. But eating slaty snacks at night leads as it not good for your health and leaves you with puffy face in the morning.

It is because snacks have excessive sodium that causes extra fluid. Hence, making your face puffier than usual.

Drinking Too Much Wine:

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Are you a party freak? If yes, then you may need to control the wine intake if you have important work the next very morning. Since alcohol contains a huge amount of water that retains fluids in your body. This extra fluid makes your face puffy or bloated.

Allergic To Your Pillows:

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You will be amazed to know that your pillows and blankets could also be the reason for your bloated face. If you are using down comforter or feathery pillows, you should change the bedding as feathers could be allergic. You should also clean bed-sheets daily because you don’t want germs to chase your body daily!

Final Thought:

These are the reasons why you are waking up with a puffy face. If you are doing these things daily, then it’s time to avoid them.

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Did you know any of these reasons before reading this article? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section!

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