Know The Skincare Routine Of Alia Bhatt That She Swears By For Glowy Skin

To be honest, we all want to know what celebs put on their skin because their face glows almost every time. Even though they work under harsh weather, their face seems to be resistant to acne, blackheads, dark circles, and fine lines. So what do they apply? Student of The Year actress has revealed the truth on her YouTube channel. Yes, we are talking about Alia Bhatt skincare routine that includes all the essentials she uses for a glass skin glow.

6 Simple Steps To Follow From Alia Bhatt Skincare Routine

alia bhatt skincare routine products

Skincare is the most important activity because our face suffers a lot, from pollution to sun damage and whatnot. So it is undoubtedly a not-to-miss part and for Alia, skincare is the most exciting part.

Wherever the ‘Raazi’ actress goes, a mini skincare kit follows her as she has to face a camera every day, so Alia makes sure that her skin is ready for anything without losing its glow.

Here is a list of products she uses before putting on makeup and what her skincare routine involves.

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#1. Cleansing

alia bhatt skincare

The first step is to cleanse the face either with a cleanser or face wash. This ensures that your skin is free from all dirt and grime. It also opens up the pore allowing the skin to absorb the creams and lotions.

[Tip: Do not wash your face with hot water as it leaves your skin dry]

#2. Skin Massager

face roller

Face massage is usually not included in our skincare routine because of the common notation we have- it’s needed only when we are tired. But when you’ll know its benefits, you won’t miss out just like Alia.

• It treats the puffiness,
• improve blood circulation,
• Reduce water retention.
• Helps other skincare products spread evenly
• Soothes skin
• Contour your face
• Improves mood and reduce stress
• Stimulates lymphatic drainage

Now you know why Alia Bhatt never misses out on a face roller but before that, she makes sure that her skin is perfectly damped. For this, she uses a M.A.C fix it spray.

#3. Eye cream

eye cream

An under-eye cream is a miracle product to keep fine lines and other signs of aging at bay. The skin under your eye is vulnerable to these signs as this area is the most sensitive. And not just to minimize the aging signs, an eye cream also prevents dullness, reduces puffiness, and retains its youthful look.

In addition to this, Alia uses an optional caffeine solution. You can use cream with SPF 30 and massage gently with fingertips. Avoid application on eyelids.

When to use- It works better when applied within 15 minutes of duration in the morning and before you go to bed. Those in their late 20s should not forget this important step of Alia Bhatt’s Skincare Routine.

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#4. Niacinamide

alia bhatt skincare routineThe next product that goes on her face is this essential vitamin for the skin. Niacinamide is a vitamin B-3 that helps your skin in the following ways:

• Build skin cells,
• Prevent acne,
• Reduce aging signs,
• Lighten dark spots
• Boost collagen production
• Reduce sun damage
• Improve the texture of the skin

It’s the glow recipe for Alia’s youthful skin and she uses the watermelon glow niacinamide dew drops.

#5. Moisturizer

alia bhatt skincare

Moisturizer is MUST because it locks the moisture of the skin and slows down aging. It’s like food for your skin and makes it plump, soft, smooth, and stress-free. Alia Bhatt recommends moisturizer not just for the face but also for the neck and hands.

And it’s not a one-time product, apply it whenever you feel the skin is getting dry.
Her personal favorite is Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer.

#6. Sunscreen

alia bhatt skincare routine products

Most of us forget this step but it is an important step in Alia Bhatt’s skincare routine. She never goes out without sunscreen even if it’s not summer. She applies Innisfree Aqua water drop sunscreen every day. But make sure you use sunscreen as per your skin type.

These are the simple 6 steps from Alia Bhatt’s skincare routine that all Aliabes should follow.

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