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Slow Internet? Mistakes you’re making with your WiFi

The internet is quickly becoming one of the essentials for living in this interconnected, globalized society. Slow internet may be a major pain when companies are trying to make deliveries as fast as they can and content is getting shorter by the day.

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Normally, factors that are under our control and able to be changed have a major impact on internet speed. We may be able to change the performance of the internet by making a few minor changes to how we interact with WiFi and our internet service provider.

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Things we are doing wrong with our WiFi

Let’s start with the mistakes, do you also confuse a modem with a router? Yes, both are different. A router transmits data from the internet to personal devices like computers, phones, and tablets, while a modem connects your home to your Internet service provider, generally through a coax cable connection. A modem and router combo may also be used as a provider.

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  • We typically try to change the router when we experience slow internet or interruptions in our internet services, but most of the time the issue is with the modem.
  • The position of your modem (or router) is also very important. In addition to keeping your electronic devices closer to you, you should also take steps to avoid interference from walls and heavy objects. The speed of your connection can be significantly affected by even a small change in the modem’s position.
  • We ignore routine device updates, which is another factor contributing to our poor internet. Remember, one must avoid delaying updates by repeatedly clicking “remind me later” and instead let the system update itself or even manually upgrade our devices whenever a new version is available.
  • So many connected devices, your biggest mistake is that you connect many devices or share a password with your neighbor or friends.. avoid these mistakes..

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