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Kerala Came Up With A Unique Way To Maintain Social Distancing; You’ll Surely Want To Adopt It

The state authorities and government has been consistently requesting the people to maintain social distancing amid the novel covid-19 pandemic.

In order to maintain social distancing, the Thanneermukkom gram panchayat in Alappuzha has come up with a different and attractive idea to ensure social distancing. The Panchayat gives authority to the locals to hold an umbrella whenever they go out.

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State finance minister Thomas Isaac, said,

“Two opened umbrellas, not touching each other, will ensure a minimum distance of 1 meter from one another,” said state finance minister Thomas Isaac.

As per media reports, the authorities will distribute more than 10,000 umbrellas to its locals as part of the Break the Chain Umbrella project.

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Isaac also said,

“The umbrellas will be distributed at a subsidized rate. For those who were unable to buy the umbrella even on a subsidized rate, they can get one via sponsorships, local media reported.”

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