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Is Eating Potato Chips Healthy During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage of every woman’s life, and being a mother is something that makes women’s life complete. But during this phase, it is common to have different cravings like the desire to have the ice cream at night and many more. Even some mommies like to have soil, we know it sounds shocking, but it’s true. Every craving is not good for pregnancy; some cravings have bad impacts too! So, there are several things that pregnant women must avoid consuming.

During 4-5 months of pregnancy, women crave for plenty of different things that may not be good for them. Thus, one thing that’s not good for mommies is potato chips. Yes, according to a study, consuming too much potato chips and vegetable oil are bad for pregnant women. 


If you are pregnant and have a craving for chips, be aware as it may increase the risk of abnormal development of the newborn and Pregnancy complications. The recent study shows that vegetable oil and potato chips have linoleic acid, omega six fats, and too much eating of this nutrient can promote acidity and the chances of heart disease. 

Here Are Some Reasons Why Eating Chips Are Harmful During Pregnancy:

  • Readily available chips contain only 40% actual potatoes. While 60% made from the synthetic additives and starch that are used to increase the longevity and the flavors of the chips. These starch and additives are not at all good for the little baby developing inside a pregnant woman. 
  • Vegetable oil is used for frying chips. So when you consume chips in excess, it can cause the collection of cholesterol in the body.
  • Potato chips also have carcinogenic substances, which are harmful to your baby.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will avoid potato chips during pregnancy. Moreover, it’s our advice to consult your Doctor before eliminating or adding in your diet. 


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