Dreadful News Of Irrfan Khan’s Hospitalisation Is Untrue!

Irrfan khan


Actor Irfan Khan has written a post on Twitter. In this they have told themselves suffering from a serious illness. Although they do not discuss which disease they are, they do not. They write so much that I will tell all in 10 days. Then pray for me. Irrfan has worked in many movies of British and Hollywood, not just Hindi.

My life has been shaken

credit: indianexpress

“Someday you wake up in the morning, you feel that life is shaken.” There has been a mysterious story in my life for the past 15 days, as far as I can know, I am struggling with serious illness. “

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“I have never compromised in life. I have always been fighting for my choice and will do the same later.”

“My family and friends are with me. We are trying to find a better way.”

“As soon as all the tests are done, I will talk about myself in the next ten days.”

 “Please pray for me.”

Who is Irfan Khan?

1-Passed from Irrfan National School of Drama born in Jaipur on January 7, 1967. Irfan is known for his intuitive acting.

2-In 1988, he debuted in films from Mera Nair’s film Salaam Bombay. The film was also nominated for the Oscars.

3-In some special films of Irrfan, Maqbool, Life in Metro, New York, The Namesake, Life of Pai,

4-Saheb, Biwi and Gangster 2 and Pan Singh Tomar.

5-In 2011, he was awarded the Padmashree.

6-In 2012, he got the National Award for Best Actor for Pan Singh Tomar.

He is one of the finest actor of Bollywood. We wish them  good health as some are saying that this news is untrue he is not suffering from any severe illness.  Till then lets wait for the next statement by Irrfan himself to reveal the complete truth.

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