Pet Care During Quarantine: 5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Buddies Fit And Active

Coronavirus pandemic has temporarily shut everything from grocery stores to schools, parks, and even offices. Some businesses have shifted from office to home as we have to maintain social distancing. It is one effective move to prevent its spread.

But, what about pets? Confined to four walls is not something pets can do 24×7. They need to go outside once a day. But due to lockdown pet owners are finding it difficult to take care of their buddies like before. Moreover, they cannot access the dog walking services, doggy daycares, and more.

Don’t worry, here are a few tips to keep you and your dog away from cabin fever.

How to Keep Your Dog Mobile During Quarantine?

Walk For 15 Minutes


Of course, you cannot take your dog to parks for a walk but your garden is perfect( if it has enough space). Even if your house is small you can take him to a walk for at least 15 minutes.

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Play With Your Pet


Well, normally you will not allow your pets to play inside the house as they can break things. But since you are in quarantine due to coronavirus pandemic, you got no options. It is because physical activity is important for your pets.

So, play games like hide and seek or bring their favorite toys to play with. You can hide their toys and ask them to find. However, make sure that you play in a room other than a living room.

Hallway, house’s backyard, or basement is the perfect place to play with your dog. Moreover, you can toss a toy and ask your dog to get it. It would be full of fun for them and even you will feel good.

Stairs Are Good To Keep Your Dog Mobile

play with pets

The stairs in your house are good to keep you active in quarantine period. It is even good for your dog. So, take stairs with your dog twice a day. At least use stairs for 15 minutes. It will keep both of you fit and active.

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Use The Outdoor Space


Being in quarantine does not mean that you do not need fresh air. If you do not get fresh air then your brain will not get fresh oxygen. As a result, your health will start suffering.

Moreover, your pets need it too so use the outdoor space you have in the house. Morning and evening time is best to get some fresh air. You can even add small intervals of jogging.

Do Not Overfeed


Since your dog is not doing as much as daily exercise like before therefore avoid overfeeding. It is bad for their health as they are not doing as many outdoor activities as they used to do. So, assess their diet and then cut back it 10 percent.

But do not feed them too little as it will make them weak. Just cut the extra portion from their meal.

A fun activity to try is to hide their food and let them find it. It will keep them both physically and mentally active.

Try these ways to ensure that your pets don’t become lazy due to quarantine.

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