Increasing Scope of Careers in Media and Entertainment

Media studies is a career field that imbibes many unconventional things, it is quite different from those traditional career options like Engineer, Doctor, or Lawyer. It’s an off-beat career which is in trend, many people are attracted towards the glamour and sparkling of the media industry. But this is not only about fun and glamour, this industry requires you to be extremely hard-working, active all the time, and have a visionary approach.

Gone are the days when people only relied on TV, radio, and newspapers for information and entertainment, with the advent of social media platforms and technological advancements like OTT, IoT, and e-commerce websites, this industry is filled with options now.

Required skills in Media Industry

1) Creativity


Media Industry requires to be overwhelmed with creativity, it is more about inherent skills rather than academics. And also how you use your creativity in work, you should strive to find something distinct always which appeals to the audience. You should unusual and innovative approach.

2) Good with Content

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The most imperative part nowadays is to create content that attracts people and try to relate to it. Your content reflects your objective it should achieve the desired result. It should deal with appropriate subjects. The way you handle content will have an overall impact

3) Flexibility and Versatility

The media and Entertainment Industry requires to be active and alert all the time. Everything happens instantly now, you should keep an eye on every new trend and issues and react in a quick way.

4) Good Communication skills

Communication skills only will help to reach out to your customers, the way you interact with others, on different platforms will influence your brand, what you intend to say should be perceived by your audience in the right way.

5) Digital and Conventional Marketing

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A person in this industry should be aware of both methods of marketing. With everything becoming digitalized nowadays, a media professional should know about new advertising tools like Email marketing, website advertising, social media marketing etc. But still there people who still are clung to traditional forms like newspaper, TV radio, so you should knowledge of both the type of marketing.

6) Comfortable with Research

To be a media professional, you should be equipped with doing full research from all the sources. You should have full knowledge about the effect of information on your target audiences.

Career Options and Choices

It all depends on which area of media, a person is interested in, as it’s a vast field so a person has diverse choices. Below are the options which are the part of the media industry

  • Journalism

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Journalism is not only limited to newspapers and news channels now, Youtube, Vlogging, Facebook or there are many social media platforms where you can be a Journalist now, this requires you to be good at with dealing people and making connections.

  • Advertising

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In advertising companies also you have many choices in which department you want to work like copywriter or content writer, client servicing, media planner, graphic designer, Digital Marketing, etc. It just requires to be polished with your skills.

  • Media Managers

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Media Managers monitor and regulate all the media content, they look after the company’s marketing prospects, websites, social media, print media, branding, suitability of the content, etc. Media Managers are required in Advertisement agencies, Production Houses, Publication houses, PR agencies, marketing firms, etc.

  • Blogging and Freelancing

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Now days Blogging is becoming the most preferable and convenient career option for youngsters, you can choose any domain and write content on it. This is taken as freelancing as well as Entrepreneur options. You can start your blog anytime, increase the traffic and start earning from it if your subject interests spectators. You can start your career as a freelancer also. Here you are your own boss, companies collaborate with you to write their content or any other media work and you get paid for it.

  • Corporate and Marketing Communication

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These persons help the companies to keep their view in front of all people, whenever any new product is launched or there is an issue with present products. These people step in, they also get the feedback of consumers and inform their companies, Basically, they maintain a liaison between company and customer.

  • Other Career Prospects

TV Anchors, Radio Jockey, VJ, Voice-over artists, Editor, Proofreader, Social Media Analyst, Scriptwriter in Production houses, voice-over artists, Talent Manager, Event planning and managing, Art Director, Cinematographer, Videographer.

  Institutes for Media Studies

Well this career is more about your natural talent and no college can inculcate that, but to enhance your skills and opportunities, there are many good institutes where you can train yourself.

  • Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), Ahmedabad (for PGDM in the communication)
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, (IIMC) New Delhi
  • AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia University(AJK MCRC), New Delhi
  • Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication ( SIMC), Pune
  • Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai (MA in Media and Cultural Studies)










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