Artificial Intelligence- Increasing Trend in the Upcoming Generation and Corporate World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming popular these days, it is also assumed that our Modern Society will be wholly implemented by AI. But what is it and how will it control us?

According to, “It refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.”In simple words, Artificial Intelligence can be observed as any machine which depicts traits associated with humans such as doing some activity, learning, listening, behaving like humans.

What Types Of Artificial Intelligence are used?

Machine Learning

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It involves automation of tasks, it handles bulk data quickly. It is a part of Artificial Intelligence in which Big Data should be processed and made in such a way that machines can understand. Basically, these are computer algorithms that learn and improve over time with their data use and turn the data set into the model without human interference. In short, these algorithms automatically create models of data. Let’s take an example, we all come across online customer support chats in order to resolve our queries, and websites are embedded now with chatbots where we interact with this chatbot, they take information from websites and give it to customers, it all happens due to machine learning algorithms, they are provided with updated data from time to time to serve customers.

Deep Learning

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It is like Machine Learning, it covers a more particular aspect, here data need not be structured. They work like the functioning of the human brain and involves “artificial neural networks” Just like problem in which we use our thought process and make the final decision and solve it, This problem is figured out by deep learning tools. For eg first, we used to transform images from black and white to colored or vice versa but now these deep learning algorithms do this work for us.

Natural Language Processing


It refers to the interaction between humans and computers using natural language, it does the part of linguistics and translates human language data. Its main purpose is to read, understand and decode the human language that is feasible to the system. For eg auto-correct tools in our systems or text, editors such as whenever we write anything incorrect in the word file or grammatical errors are there red and green lines indicate it.

AI will provide ease to our Lives

Many companies are now using artificial intelligence based softwares which are undoubtedly proving beneficial for us, also in other ways it is helping us, through following

  • Driverless or Self-Driving Car


These cars are replacing human drivers and are capable of moving by sensing environmental conditions through a combination of tools, radar, GPS, etc with minimal or no errors. They are quite flexible and adjust according to changing situations.

  • AI enabled Cameras


This tool is especially for photographers and cinematographers, if someone wants a high and perfect quality images, these cameras are suitable for them, it indicates the age of a person too and tells what you are shooting and simultaneously suggests correct filters to give effects to your movie and images.

  • Ride Apps

Companies like uber use AI to determine the time to pick and drop from the locations and in food delivery too, it even tells the status of Driver, like whether he is drunk.

  • Information of Fraudulent people

Banks and mobile apps are using AI to warn people about any transaction which is happening in their accounts, people receive a notification or message if money is withdrawn on their behalf.

  • Safety and Security in our Homes


AI-enabled CCTV and alarm can be of great help to us, it uses machine learning and facial recognition tools and provides information of usual visitors in our homes. It also identifies strangers immediately and many other benefits which are required for home security.

  • There will be Zero Errors

AI will achieve zero errors, they take accurate decisions based on the information through machine learning and deep learning algorithms thus they make minimal or no errors.

  • AI in Crime Detection and Reduction

Many social media companies are taking help of Machine Learning to block unauthorized sites and contents related to child pornography. These AI systems with big data also inform the police about the crime spots and track the location of criminals.

AI not preferred by many


There are many people who are against this Artificial Intelligence system due to some reasons. Firstly it will take away the jobs of many people, many people are insecured and feared by it. It will lead to high unemployment. Secondly It will come at price of creativity; AI can never be creative like humans, as data is supplied and it is structured in a specified way so it is not possible for Artificial Intelligence to think like humans creatively. Thirdly It will take huge costs and require huge costs for maintenance. Fourthly We can’t expect machines to be ethical and have morals like humans and these qualities are important. Though it can make the work simpler but these qualities too are important. Fifthly It cannot replace humans totally, though AI is doing work but sometimes human intervention is required in work, there need to be places where human contact is essential, we can’t rely on Artificial Intelligence totally.





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