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Whatsapp Tips: Ways to Message Someone Not in Contacts

Whatsapp is a globally accepted messaging app with over 2 billion users. But it let you communicate with only those in contact. You can’t do it without saving their numbers. If you save an unknown person’s number he/she can see your profile and status. If you don’t want this, we have come up with a solution to this problem for you. Know here, how to send a Whatsapp message to someone, not in contacts?

Yeah right! You don’t have to save everybody’s number on your mobile only for textingonce. Here I am going to discuss the ways.

How To Send Whatsapp Message To Someone Not In Contacts

Whatsapp does not provide you directly to send messages by their app, but some third-party apps provide you this feature for Whatsapp. Thus, this will not harm your security or get your WhatsApp account banned.

Method 1- For both Android and iPhone

how to send whatsapp message to new number

Send a message to someone by using the URL.

1. Open any browser and type the URL “https//:wa.me/mobile number (whom you want to message)”.
2. After opening the URL in the browser, you’ll see that asking if you want to open the page on WhatsApp, tap open.
3. Here you can chat with the person.

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Method 2:

how to send whatsapp message to someone not in contacts

By restricting WhatsApp access to contact, you can send messages to anyone you want on your iPhone.

1. Go on iPhone settings, scroll down and click on privacy
2. Tap on contacts
3. Scroll down to the WhatsApp option and disable it.
4. Now open your Whatsapp and click on the new chat option in the top right corner.
5. Type the phone number you want to message and start messaging.

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Method 3:

Another way to message someone on WhatsApp you don’t know is via using the Siri shortcut.


1. Go to settings and tap on the “shortcuts”.
2. Check that you have enabled the “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” option.
3. Then open the shortcuts app and go to the gallery tap.
4. Download any shortcut from there and run it once. By that, you can run the shortcut without any internet connection
5. Now download the WhatsApp to non-contact shortcut and run it by the My Shortcut tab in the app.
6. It will ask you to enter the person’s phone number, enter it and tap OK to start a conversation.

By following these methods you can send a WhatsApp message to someone even if they are not in your contact.

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