Having Stinky Shoes? Try Our 10 Easy Hacks to Keep Them Smelling Good (Always)

How to get rid of stinky shoes? A solution that everyone needs especially in summer because excessive sweating of feet makes them smell awful. It’s not only embarrassing but also harmful for you because bacteria and fungi will start developing in the shoes.

Wearing the same footwear every day will ruin your impression too. But, if you are struggling with bromodsis (smelling feet) problem, we’ve got simple remedies to help you deal with it.

How to Avoid Shoe Smelling?

Hack 01- Dust with Baking Soda

how to get rid of stinky shoes

Baking soda or sodium hydrogen carbonate is always helpful in dealing with bad odors, whether from clothes or shoes. This is one of the best foot odor removers you can get at home.

How to use- Sprinkle some soda inside your shoes and leave it for one full night. The next morning, remove the powder and wear it comfortably.

[Note- Do not use baking soda repeatedly as it can damage the shoesoul]

Hack 02-  Use Alcohol

how to avoid shoe small

Not the one that makes you drunk, we are talking about rubbing alcohol. It is the best foot odor remover because of its disinfectant properties.

How to use–  Dab the alcohol with cotton balls or use it directly on the area that smells bad. Do not wear shoes immediately, leave them aside for a few hours, and then you are ready to go.

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Hack 04-  Try White Vinegar

how to avoid shoe small

Do you wear shoes without shocks? Then you should always swear by vinegar to get rid of stinky shoes. It is one of the best products for removing odor, and stains from clothes, windows, and floors, and cleaning your microwave. In short, vinegar can clean everything.

How to use–  Mix water and white vinegar in equal quantities in a bowl and then spray this mixture inside your sneakers. Wait till it dries.

[Note- You can make this mixture in bulk and use it once every week if you have sweat issues]

Hack 05-  Spread the Magic of Salt

foot odor remover

Don’t have baking soda, rubbing alcohol, or white vinegar at home? No worries! Use salt instead. It is a natural deodorizer that absorbs all the moisture and bacteria leaving it fresh and new as before.

How to use– Take a teaspoon of this white crystal powder (salt) and spread it in your shoes or sneakers. Your footwear will start smelling normal after a few hours.

Hack 06- Use Lemon Peels

foot odor remover

When you have lemons at home, why look for another remedy to prevent smelling like shoes. Simply put the lemon’s skin inside the shoes and wait for a night.

You can even use orange peel or grapefruit’s skin as a foot odor spray but don’t be regular, use this solution on alternative days.

Hack 07- Cloves

Cloves are not only useful in preventing bad mouth odor but also work on stinky shoes.

How to use- Take 3-4 cloves and place them in a handkerchief. Keep this inside the shoes and the smell will be gone the next day.

Hack 08-  Dip a Tea Bag

how to remove smell from shoes

Tea is good for killing bacteria that start developing inside shoes when not washed properly. That is because tea contains tannic acid which has antimicrobial activity thus tea bag is helpful in making your shoes bacteria-free.

How to use-  Place a used tea bag inside the shoes for an hour and then wipe off the shoes with tissue paper. All the bad odor would fade away.

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Hack 09-  Freeze Your Shoes

how to remove smell from shoes

One of the weird but worthy ways to prevent shoes from smelling is freezing them. It works because bacteria cannot survive in cold temperatures. So, next time you found the shoes smelling dreadful, put them into the freezer for a night. (Ask your mom before you try this)

Hack 10- Stuff with Paper Balls

Ever wondered why shopkeepers stuff new shoes with paper balls because paper prevents bacteria from ruining the shoes. It works even on the used shoes. So, stuff the footwear with small paper balls and keep it somewhere they can get fresh air.

Know you know how to get rid of stinky shoes, you will never feel embarrassed.



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