How to Get Blue Tick on Facebook Page And Profile

Nowadays, most brands and companies prefer Facebook to market their business. But everyone cannot get a blue tick on it. It is only for those who have a unique identity. If you are looking for a way to how to get a blue tick on your Facebook page or profile, you are in the right place.

The Facebook blue tick is required to verify that you are a real person and not an imposter or a fraud. To get this, one must fulfill a few requirements. Here are all the requirements.

Requirements For Verifying Your Facebook Account

How to Get Blue Tick on Facebook
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Similar to Twitter, Facebook also has some categories in which your account must fall. These are the 10 categories:

1. News/Media

2. Sports

3. Government and Politics

4. Music

5. Fashion

6. Entertainment

7. Digital Creator/Blogger/Influencer

8. Gamer

9. Global Business/Brand/Organisation

10. Other

Apart from that, Facebook also asks you for some basic documents and essential things you need to qualify. Here are the listed documents and essentials you may need for your verification.

1. A cover profile

2. A profile photo

3. A name that follows Facebook’s guidelines

4. A public account

5. Posted content

6. Government-issued ID like Voter ID, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.

7. A document like an organization’s phone or utility bill, a certificate of formation, tax documents, etc.

These are all necessary things to have for account verification.

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What Does Facebook Check For Blue Tick Verification?

How to Get Blue Tick on Facebook
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Facebooks look for four qualities in your profile or page. So keep these four things on your mind while applying for the blue tick on Facebook.

1. Authenticity: By checking your ID, Facebook verifies that you are a real person, entity, or business. So, submit an authentic ID for your profile or page.

2. Uniqueness: Your account must have a unique presence of the person or business it represents. Only one person or business per account can be verified, with exceptions for the language-specific accounts.

3. Notability: Facebook checks that your account is known enough to get a blue verification mark.

4. Completeness: Your account should provide all the necessary information about the person or business it represents.

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How To Get a Blue Tick On Facebook

How to Get Blue Tick on Facebook
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If you qualify all these criteria then your account is fit for a blue tick. All you need is to follow these steps for applying:

1. Open a browser and visit

2. First, select your verification type whether it is for a page or a profile (If you select the profile you can directly send your profile URL).

3. Now select the category in which your account falls (If none of the categories is relevant to your page then select “Other”).

4. Add your country

5. Attach your authentic personal ID or business identification information.

6. At last, Facebook asks you why this profile or page should be verified. Write down the information that shows your notability to verify your account. Whether it’s a public interest or because your account is losing credibility due to imposters.

7. Now click on the send button and wait for their response.

You’ll get a notification in 2 to 45 days, whether your application is accepted or rejected. If your application got rejected, you can re-apply after 30 days.

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