Actress Allegedly Gets Possessed By Spirit In Real Life While Shooting For A Horror Movie

cambodian actress

Cambodian actress allegedly gets possessed while playing a character of ghost in a movie. Many people say that while shooting for a horror movie, artists and crew often displease the spirits.

Another theory that shows that shooting for horror movies creates negative energy, which results in people facing supernatural activities.

Shooting for a Horror Movie:ghost-movie

Also, many times we have heard of actors becoming so involved in their characters that they – sometimes – start to personalize them.

But what happened recently will shiver you upside down. A Cambodian actress was allegedly possessed by a spirit while she was shooting for a horror movie, and attacked a co-star.

A video of the actor sitting creepily in a room, with the other members massed outside the door has come up on social media and is being widely shared.

Here’s the video watch it:

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