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Government Sent Ultimatum To Twitter On Farmer Genocide Content

Twitter has received a final ultimatum by the Indian Government for failing to take action against the accounts spreading offensive hashtags and comments misleading the users on #FarmersProtest.

A detailed notice including dozens of judgements by SC and important constitutional benches has been sent to twitter. The notice also includes a warning to register a case against twitter if it fails to comply with the legal orders.

“Don’t Take The Role Of Court” Says Government

Government warns twitter
via: indiatvnews

The on-going farmers protest is gaining immense national and international support and twitter has become a popular medium to extend the support. However, it has also become a platform to inflame hatred against government to which the Republic Day incident is a solid proof.

After which, conditions have became even worse as recently a hashtag mentioning that PM Modi is planning a farmer genocide started surfacing on the twitter.

Government ordered twitter to take strict against such posts and has also reprimand twitter in the recent statement. Here’s what it reads:

“Twitter cannot sit as an appellate authority over the satisfaction of the authorities about its potential impact on derailing public order. It is only an intermediary.”

The statement further reads, twitter has to obey the legal orders by Government or else it has to face penal action. In addition to this, it is also advice not to take the role of court and remain as an intermediary as mentioned in the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Twitter Disobeys Government Orders 

twitter restored blocked accounts
via: amarujala

Earlier, orders as per the section 69 A of the act was sent to twitter to block 257 twitter accounts including one hashtag failing to which can attract penal consequences as mentioned in the clause 3 of section 69A.

Twitter had blocked the accounts on receiving orders but after few hours it unblocked all the accounts without the permission. The issue is more serious as the protest has crossed the borders and reached to Hollywood when Rihanna tweeted about it.

Considering it as a need to stop foreign celebs interfering in India’s internal matter, Ministry of External Affairs have also released an official statement on Wednesday morning. The posts contain two hashtags #IndiaTogether and #IndiaAgainstPropaganda. It states making such comments is an irresponsible act as many don’t even know the facts.

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Following to which Kangana Ranaut, Akshay Kumar, and many more celebs have also urged users to stand together in tough times and don’t fall for those creating differences.

Rahul Gandhi has also expressed his concern on current scenario saying BJP-RSS has torn India’s image on global platform.

Till now, there has been no decision whether the government would take the laws back or not. But, the role twitter is playing in the protest is surely seen serving less as a medium and more as a ground for spreading hatred.

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