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Get Bridal Glow In Just One Week With These Worthy Skincare Tips

Wedding season has arrived and every bride-to-be must head to a parlor and salon for getting that fresh and vibrant glow on the skin. But, stepping outside the home is not easy due to the pandemic. Don’t worry, you can still get the bridal glow in a week. Try our effective skin care tips if you want the natural glow that lasts forever.

How To Get Natural Bridal Glow In The Week?

bridal glow in the week
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The tips we are going to share comes from the expert’s suggestion so you can fearlessly rely on them. So, get ready to flaunt off your looks in the Big Fat Indian Wedding this season!

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Watch Out Your Plate

bridal glow in the week
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” You become what you eat,” that’s true especially in terms of healthy skin that is a result of a good diet. And to look fresh on your D-day, you need to be careful about your eating habits.

Here is the list of healthy foods for glowing skin that you should add from the start:

  • Eat oranges as they are rich in vitamin C that prevents the cells from damage, improve skin hyperpigmentation, skin radiance, skin tone, and reduce brown spots. You can also add more vitamin C rich fruits and veggies like broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, kiwifruit, cantaloupe, and more
  • Papaya is a natural moisturizer for the skin and keeps you hydrated so add papaya to your salad
  • Eat pumpkin as they are rich in vitamin A, C, zinc, and other vital nutrients for the skin.
  • Include the queens of beauty, kale in your diet as it repairs the skin tissues and leaves a natural and fresh look on the skin
  • Don’t forget the lemons as it won’t only help you with weight loss, deep cleansing but also bring the glow to your skin.

You can even ask the nutritionist for the perfect diet.

Don’t Skip Water

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Water does a lot to your body right from clearing acne to weight loss and more. But this cold weather might hold you from drinking more water plus we rarely feel thirsty during winters.

Still one should drink at least 2-3 liters of water to gain all these water benefits. In case you can’t drink much water due to its temperature then boil the water and drink that lukewarm water throughout the day.

Use A Deep Clean Mask

bridal glow in the week
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Beauty skincare routine is very essential in fact matters even more now. So, clean your face with a good facial mask to remove the dirt and grim. However, the type of face mask and the number of users should be as per the skin type.

Here are different face mask for different skin condition:

  • Acne mask- Use egg whites of 2-3 eggs and apply the white using a cotton swab on your face. Wait till 15 minutes and wash off, apply a moisturizer after washing the face.
  • Hyperpigmentation mask- Turmeric and honey will help those pigmentation issues. Mix half tsp of turmeric with raw honey(1-2 tbsp.) Massage your face with this paste and rinse off after 10 minutes
  • Oilskin mask- Mash one banana and mix with 1 tsp olive oil and few drops of lemon juice. Use this as a face mask for oily skin.
  • Dry skin mask- Cut a cucumber in half and mix with 2 tsp of aloe vera gel. Blend together and massage all over the face with the paste.

Protect Your Lips

protect your lips
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Dry air during winters will damage the skin of your lips leaving them cracked and chapped. Use an SPF 30 lip balm daily to protect your lips.

Besides these tips, you must workout daily to get the bridal glow skin in a week.


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