Genius Hacks: Different And Unexpected Ways To Use Hairspray

We all have lots of beauty products in our beauty cabinet. Some of them are even expired but present in our cabinet. So, it’s high time to declutter and arrange the cabinet. Another best way is to find a product that you can use for other purposes. Your hairspray is a good example of it because you can use the spray in various different ways.

Shocking? Yes, there are so many ways to use hairspray, and here we’ve come up with 3 different ways to use it. Let’s have a look:

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Dry Your Nail Polish Faster:


We know that keeping your freshly-painted nails underwater is the most common way to dry your nail paint faster, but it could ruin the shade if you aren’t careful enough. So, when you next time paints your nail, try spraying some hairspray on your nails. They’ll help to dry the nails faster and pop up some shine to it!

Tame Your Brows:


Are your brow products over? Fret not, you can use your hairspray to groom your brows. Yes, you hear, right! Your hairspray can do a job as a brow product. Simply spray some hairspray on your eyebrow spoolie and brush your brows upwards to add shape and definition to them.

Remove Lipstick Stains From Your Shirt:


It isn’t easy to clean white outfits if you stained them. But don’t worry because we have a hack for you. Simply spray some hairspray over the stain and blot it with a cloth or wipe. The same method to hair colours that stain your outfits!

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Nobody would have thought that one product could also do multiple jobs? Yes, it’s pretty wonderful!

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