From Toothpaste To Baby Oil: Make Ayurvedic Products At Home With Natural Ingredients

In India, there has been a rumor that household items are becoming scarce due to lockdown. Many of the local stores are also closed or are supplying only essential elements. Hence it has become necessary to use household ingredients to make daily use items. The best option there is to create an ayurvedic products with the available household ingredients.

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Some of the everyday use of ayurvedic products made with essential ingredients is:

Bathing Soaps:

Anyways, these beautiful soaps are not that good for your skin. Ayurvedic soaps have more nourishing power and moisturize your skin well.

In a cup, add some aloe Vera gel and butter soap to it and melt it by boiling. Then add one spoon of almond oil and essential oil to it. Now put it in a mold and cool it all night. The next morning, it will be ready to use.

Baby Oils:

You can have a lovely massage with the help of good baby oil. It also removes stress from our bodies. You can easily make them at home.

For this, add 1 tsp of ghee with sesame oil. Then add some cloves, ginger, basil leaves, and some orange peel. Now add turmeric powder to it. Cook for 10mins while stirring it occasionally. Cool and strain it and pour it in a bottle for use.


Ayurvedic Product is best for natural hair care. They retain hair’s natural oils. But how do we make them with simple home ingredients? Let’s see now. Add one tsp of Shikakai in a boiler.

Also, add 1 tsp of amla and neem powder. Now drop 3to4 drops of essential oils. Now pour 3 cups water to the medium flam. Allow it to boil continuously for about 10 mins. After this liquid cools down, strain it and store it in a bottle.


Our next ayurvedic product is toothpaste. Make natural toothpaste at home rather than using a harmful branded one. Here’s how to make one at home.

Add refine camphor in a bowl. Also, pour 1 tsp of sugar and alum to it. Now also add clove powder and 2 tsp of sunflower oil to the mixture. Mix it well and use it, and your natural toothpaste is ready to use.

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You can use the above ayurvedic products daily to get the best results and are quite easy to prepare and use. These have no side effects and no added chemicals. It can not only be used during a lockdown, but you can use it always.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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