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Whom Did Ekta Kapoor Transfer Money Amid Coronavirus Lockdown?

The lockdown has left many daily wage earners to struggle for money. The entertainment industry is also paused which has made the photographers jobless and struggle for money.

Ekta Kapoor transferred money to the photographers who such as viral Bhayani, Manav Manglani and Yogen Shah. These are some of the well-recognised paparazzi’s who are currently jobless due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Some of them went up front and thanked Ekta for helping out amid the crisis.

The caption read:

“While we are under crisis and jobs at stake, it’s good to see individuals like #ektakapoor coming and helping us in our difficult times. With no work and the crisis not slowing down Ekta has directly sent payment to our boys bank account. This was well appreciated as it has become difficult to pay salaries now (sic).”

Ekta Kapoor comforted by saying:

“We all will get out of this! When d going gets tough the tough get going! Will soon see u n ur boys on job! JAI MATA DI ! Take care viral (sic).” 

Yogen Shah also praised Ekta saying:

Manav Magnani thanked Ekta Kapoor on behalf of his team:

Ekta earlier announced a deduction of Rs 2.5 crore from salaries to help the co-workers during the tough times.

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