Freshen Up Your Locks With Hair Perfume

Although hair don’t have any natural odor and they don’t smell awful if washed properly. Sweaty and flaky scalp can make them stinky. Besides this, hard water, mildew fungus, dandruff, dermatitis, or psoriasis can further cause unpleasant odor. What to do? Use a hair perfume to freshen up your tresses.

Yes, you read right not only your skin, hair need this luxurious treatment too however using a regular body perfume or spray won’t do any good. Get a hair mist instead.

What’s This New Hair Essential?

hair perfume
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An ordinary body spray can also add pleasant fragrance to your locks but they won’t last longer. In addition to this, body perfume pose more risk of hair damage as quantity of alcohol and chemicals is more in comparison with hair perfume.

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On the other hand, a hair perfume gives your locks a fresh and scented look that lasts longer. Beside this, it’s also good for following reasons:

  • Hydrate your tresses
  • Prevent from UV radiation
  • Retain the natural texture of hair
  • Reduce frizzy hair

Do I Really Need It?

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You might think why to waste money when you are taking good care of them. Washing with good shampoo and massaging the scalp before every wash, obviously they’re handy provided you know which products work best for you.

In addition to this, you should also know your hair type. In case you don’t have any idea about it then using wrong products and washing hair every other day can do more bad than good.

Because, wet hair becomes the ground for fungus called as mildew resulting into poor H.O( hair odor). Secondly, washing them less often can cause the scalp to produce more oil and flakes.

These problems occur with oily and dry hair type giving ground for hair damage and bad odor. So, it’s good to freshen up the mane without making them vulnerable to hair issues.

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Find The Best Perfume For Hair

DIY hair perfume
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Undoubtedly, it’s good but you cannot pick up any. Consider following to get the best one:

  • Fragrance– Floral or Fruity? Pick as per your preferences and one that matches with your body spray.
  • Ingredients– Don’t just go for a mesmerizing fragrance, looks for nourishing and hydrating ingredients as well
  • Alcohol– Products containing ethyl alcohol can make your hair dry and lifeless, look for cetearyl, cetyl alcohol instead as they are plant derivatives and help repairing hair strands
  • Brand– Maintain a signature fragrance for your locks
  • Long lasting– Some products are not effective and long-lasting even though your hair absorbs more fragrance than any other body area. So, get the one with power to last throughout the day.

DIY Hair Perfume

In case, you are not sure about the product or worry much about the after effect of chemicals on hair then go for a DIY option. Here’s the recipe:

  • Rose water- half cup
  • Vodka, jojoba or aloe vera gel- 2tsps any of these
  • 2 Essential oils of your choice- 10-20 drops

Mix the oils with rose water in a spray bottle. Shake well and use after washing your hair. Make sure your hair are dry completely before you spray the perfume on the hair lengths.

Smelly locks are surely embarrassing but you can fix them in no time with this amazing formula. Beside this, also use right products as per your hair type and always use satin pillowcase to prevent hair from absorbing dirt and oil.




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