Forget Banana Bread, Babka Will Be Your All-New Favorite

Hey bread lovers,

Bored with banana bread? Looking for a unique and mouthwatering recipe to satiate your sweet pangs? Well, as always, your savior, today we’ve come up with a new recipe that is loaded with chocolate, chocolate and only chocolate- the Chocolate Babka.

You might be thinking ‘Babka’, what is it? Is it delightful? Is it worth to try? Well, well, well, guys, why are you pressurising yourself, just keep reading and get the answer to all your questions!

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First Things First, What Is Babka?


Well, babka is a traditional cake which is basically prepared on special and occasions with a variety of fillings. It’s prepared with rich brioche dough with chocolate or cinnamon filling. Also, sometimes streusel is used to top it.

Chocolate Babka Components:


Sweet Dough: This sweet recipe starts with amazing dough that includes eggs, sugar, and butter for the ultimate in richness.

Chocolate Filling: Finely chopped chocolate is added with sugar, cinnamon, and then butter.

Shaping The Babka:


  1. Make the dough into a square and put chocolate filling at the top.

2. Prepare the roll with the dough, twist it lengthwise a couple of times, and sprinkle some reserved chocolate on top.

3. Fold the dough in half into a horseshoe shape, then twist the right side over the left to make a figure eight, give it two good twists, and nestle it into the loaf pan.

4. At last, put the streusel on the top and get ready to bake!

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The recipe is Homey, Comforting, and warm. Isn’t it? So, try this best recipe at home and satiate your chocolate craving!

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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