Fall In Love With The World’s First AI Pet ‘MOFLIN’

Machines don’t have heart but they do have brain and they can execute any task as per given instruction. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence! From Amazon developed Alexa to Hanson’s Sophia, this new technology has bridged the gap between human and machine.

Developers of Vanguard Industries has gone one step farther with their new invention that will benefit people who can’t own a pet. The pet is liaised with emotional capabilities and behave like a true pet.

Meet World’s Cutest Pet- Moflin  

The Japanese tech firm has developed a machine liaised with artificial intelligence. Unlike, other AI robots with hard body moflin has furs just like dogs and cats.

However, it does not have any legs so no need to worry about taking him for walk. Coming to its appearance, moflin neither looks like a dog nor cat. Instead, it’s a combo of slipper and hamster.

Wow! What a great combination. It looks very cute and innocent despite the fact it’s a machine. But, it’s the cutest of all pets you have ever seen and it has also won the Best of Innovation Award in Robotics.

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Specifications Of Moflin

via: kickstarter

Feel The Owner’s Emotion

Moflin can feel and express too, just like any other animal. However, it uses AI technology to interact with its owner. The 2D emotion expression map installed in Moflin lets it feel range of emotions from happy, anxious, sad, stressed, to excited.

Evolve With Time

What’s interesting is the ability of Moflin to evolve with time and person getting in touch with him. Developers have used nature-inspired algorithm that combines data from surroundings and allow moflin to respond to every different person and environment.

Need To Charge

A wireless charging device is used as energy-booster for mofiln. It looks like a birdhouse in which moflin can rest and recharge. The device is automatic and produce sounds like a sleeping animal would make.

Watching moflin resting and getting charged in itself is a soothing experience for the owners.

Washable Furrs

Whether your real furry friend like to bath or not, moflin loves to smell good. You can take off the furs and wash them in case they get dirty. It has repairable parts and replaceable batteries too so that moflin lives longer with you.

Technical Specifications

Coming to technical part, moflin has following basic specifications:

  • A speaker
  • Movable parts of bending and rotation
  • Touch censor
  • Bluetooth 4.2 for communication
  • Android 8.0 and iOS ver.12
  • Microphone
  • Gyro accelerometers
  • Timer

However, these specifications are subject to change with time.

Moflin In Different Colors

AI Pet
via: laughingsquid

Pets come in all colors and sizes, moflin is no different. The company is about to launch the pet in two different colors, silver and brown.

Everything about this furry machine is great except that it does not have software updating feature as of now. Company is planning to work on further developments so that buyers don’t regret bringing moflin to their home.

They are running a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for further development in moflin. The aim is to enhance user experience and provide a human friendly pet.

This lovely, comfortable, and cute little AI pet is suitable for everyone, be it adult, child, or lonely older adults.

Launch Of Moflin

Excited to bring this endearing animal to home? Wait till March 2021.

Treat With Caution

It comes with a warning as moflin has tendency to develop personality traits according to the treatment it would receive from the owner. That’s unique about moflin.

Everything sounds so perfect about this Vanguard innovation but large scale manufacturing won’t be easy. The company is looking for sustainable materials and environment friendly companies for mass production.

Apart from these, company has to meet few challenges and risks to make moflin accessible to all. Cost is one of the biggest challenge as not only production cost but testing costs is also involved.

So, it’s going to a big challenge to bring this prototype pet to global market at an affordable price. If Vanguard succeed then dream of many to own a pet would turn into reality.








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