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How many times do you wash your face? Only once or twice, one in the morning and the second after returning home. Right? Do you think washing your face twice a day is enough to remove all gunk and grime at once? Not at all! Your skin needs double cleansing for better skin health and to remove all the bacteria, pollutants, and other debris from your face.

What’s double cleansing? Read below to know about this popular step from the Korean skincare routine.

Double Cleansing- Learn About The Most Important Step Of Korean Skincare Routine

korean skincare routinekorean skincare routine
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It is a process to deep clean your face using either micellar water or cleansing oil followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step removes the oil-based impurities that result in acne breakouts otherwise.

And when you clean the skin with a water-based cleanser all the sweat and dirt are removed from the skin leaving a canvas clear skin. Now you can apply makeup or any skincare products on your skin. The ingredients in the products will penetrate deeper into the skin and works better than before.

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How And When To Double Cleanse?

korean skincare routine
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The process sounds easier but one has to follow all the steps correctly to get that clear skin look. Here’s the right way to wash the face or double cleanse:

  • Step 1– Get a dime-size oil-based cleanser and apply it in a circular motion all over the face. This will wipe off the makeup and clear all the extra sebum from the skin. Wash with lukewarm water and don’t pat the skin dry using a towel. Make sure the cleanser is a non-lathering emulsion. You can even use micellar water to remove the makeup and sebum from the face.
  • Step 2– Buy a gentle water-based lathering cleanser that can go deeper into the pores and remove all the dirt. Squeeze a pea-sized from the bottle and apply in an upward direction on the face. Wash off later.

Follow these steps of double cleansing at EOD(end of the day) even if you haven’t worn makeup all day. This is important because your skin undergoes a lot of damage by the weather and sunrays that go unnoticed.

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However, double cleansing is not much recommended to those having dry skin and don’t wear a lot of makeup.

Common FAQs Regarding Double Cleansing

korean skincare routine
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1. Can I Use a Natural oil-based cleanser like coconut oil?

No, because they clog your pores causing more acne breakouts. However, you can buy an oil-based cleanser with plant-based oils for better results.

2. How Many Times Should I Double Cleanse My Skin?

Once in the morning to remove all the sweat and oil produced overnight and a second time in the evening to remove all the makeup.

3. Does It Leave My Skin Devoid Of Essential Moisture?

No, neither oil-based nor water-based cleansers dry out the skin or extract the essential lipids and ceramides from the skin. It just leaves your skin healthy.

But, get the right skincare products as per your skin type. For example, if your skin produces a lot of oil then get a lightweight and hydrating cleanser. Products with natural oils are good for dry skin.

Those with normal skin type should invest in a creamy foam cleanser. The hydrating and foamy cleanser is suitable for combo skin and irritant-free products work well for sensitive skin.

So, shop wisely and give your skin the utmost care it needs the most to shine and glow naturally.

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