Embracing Singlehood As New Relationship Status

Who needs a partner when you can enjoy your own company? Singlehood is now a new relationship status and more and more youngsters are embracing singlehood. However, few still believe a partner completes their life. It’s completely wrong! “It Is No One Else’s Job To Complete You, Fix You Or Make You Feel Whole. It’s Yours And Only Yours To Do. “ 

Today is the right day to begin this journey of self-love and understand how beautiful is to be single, because 15th February is celebrated as Single Awareness Day. 

The occasion is celebrated across the world either by gathering in eateries or enjoying holiday but the zest is the same- “To embrace self-love.” It’s important but there could be ample reasons to hate it. We’ve couples of good reasons to make you believe in this new relationship status.

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Absolute Freedom 

single awareness day
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The relationship is like gambling means there is no guarantee that your love could make it till the end or the other person truly loves you. Either one can lose this game of love anytime and that to be without warnings or hints.

This leads to pain, stress, confusion, and steals the peace of mind sometimes. Being single you are saved from all those unexpected heartbreak and can enjoy freedom completely. So, say YES to Singlehood.

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Freedom To Explore

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Freedom to explore one’s self does not always come in every relationship. Some are just like a cage from which one of the love bird always try to escape but oh so-called promises that we used to do in a relationship they make us feel trapped and bounded.

If you’re like one but still feels the need for a partner, it’s better to be single and don’t risk your freedom for the sake of love. Explore yourself, explore the world and enjoy!

Singlehood Is A Healthy Journey

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It’s a healthy journey, by all means, be it financial, emotional, or professional. Being in a relationship with yourself gives you time to create a balance between all fronts of life rather than struggling to seek time for each other and family.

This literally divides an individual in such a way that it becomes difficult to keep everyone happy, mostly yourself. It also ruins one’s health as stress due to relationship problems highly affects physical and mental health.

Thankfully, you are alone and could focus on every front especially on your health. 


being single
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Being alone doesn’t mean to be lonely, it’s completely a different concept and truly needs to be understood by everyone who perceives the two as the same. The expert defines loneliness as a state of mind associated with a lack of social contact or relationship that isn’t as fulfilling as one thought it to be. 

On the other hand, unlike loneliness, the feeling of being alone is not a distressing experience it’s self-sufficient instead. It teaches you to adjust to time and people around you without feeling low. 

Hope these reasons are empowering enough to embrace singleness, be it by choice or not. Look around you, many happy people are single by choice celebs like Emma Watson and our very own Salman Khan are real-life examples. 

Movies like Dear Zindagi, Queen, and Pyar Ka Punchnama are perfect ones to understand the real meaning of singlehood because ” As long as you are happy, being single is not a big deal.”



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