UAE’s Unique Gesture Of Support, Lights Up Dubai’s Burj Khalifa In Indian Tricolor

UAE's Unique Gesture Of Support To India, Lights Up Burj Khalifa In Indian Tricolor
UAE's Unique Gesture Of Support To India, Lights Up Burj Khalifa In Indian Tricolor

Saudi Arabia’s famous and world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is painted in tricolor of India showing the great bond between the two nations and solidarity with India. With the message ” Stay Strong India,” India’s one of the close friends UAE is sending best wishes and support to fight against the covid-19.

The Indian embassy in UAE posted a video showing Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in the color of the Indian flag.

Indian Ambassador Pavan Kapoor tweeted and expressed gratitude towards great support at the tough times from Saudi Arabia.

Although the country has banned international flights coming from India due to worse covid conditions, UAE has not stopped supporting India. Oxygen concentrators and generators will be sent to India from UAE. Around 80 metric tons of liquid oxygen has been supplied to the country from Saudi Arabia for which Gautam Adani has expressed gratitude.

Apart from UAE, New Zealand, France, UK, Oman, and few more countries have banned traveling to and fro from India.

World Unites To Support India At Tough Times

The conditions are worse due to lack of oxygen availability, ventilators, and other crucial medical equipment and it has raised concerns among not only the general public and government but also globally. To meet the demands, India is looking for global support to which many nations like Saudi Arabia, Australia, Germany, France, and Singapore, have extended support.

The United Kingdom and the US are also helping the country with ventilators, oxygen generators, personal protective equipment, and drug supplies. However, the US has banned the supply of raw vaccine materials earlier but according to Raja Krishnamoorthi who is a member of Coronavirus Crisis committee, US has made commitment to send all necessary raw materials for the vaccine.

The US vice-president Kamala Harris has also said in a statement that it will provide all necessary assistance to India.

Currently, India is witnessing the second wave of covid-19 and each day country is making a new global record in the number of cases. As per the Union Health Ministry, around 2, 767 people have died in the last 24 hours.