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Don’t Fall For These 7 Myths About Coronavirus, Know The Truth

Since the outbreak of coronavirus internet and social media is flooded with a heap of information. There are safety tips, remedies, unapproved suggestions, and lots of myths about coronavirus. It seems that people are falling for those lies and half-truths due to fear and lack of information.

It would not make conditions good instead make it worse. So, it is of utmost importance to know about coronavirus health myths. Here are a few myths and their truths everyone should know.

Myths About Coronavirus

1. Eat Immunity System Boosting Foods

coronavirus health myths

Another health rumor on health websites is that vitamins and supplements prevent your body from coronavirus. Although vitamins and supplements boost immunity, there is no reliable evidence that eating immunity boosting foods can keep you safe from the new virus.

Only a vaccine can boost immune function and prevent the virus from replicating inside the body. But until now, there is no such vaccine. In such a peak situation, one should take good care of the body to avoid being vulnerable and prone to any infection.

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2. Warm Water To Kill The Virus

coronavirus health myths

Another common rumor is that drinking warm water can kill the virus into your body. Some are saying that one should drink it every 15 minutes. The warm water, when it goes through the throat and reaches the stomach, will kill the virus in its way. This is one of the common health myths as there is no link between drinking water and the new virus. However, one should indeed stay hydrated.

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3. Garlic Helps Fighting The New Virus

myths about coronavirus

Undoubtedly, garlic is a beneficial ingredient with so many health benefits, but saying it will kill the virus is not at all true.

4. Gargle With Saline Water

coronavirus health myths

Of course, you should rinse with salt water or vinegar to soothe a sore throat, and that’s what the CDC is suggesting too. But there is no scientific evidence that gargling will kill the virus. So, don’t fall for the coronavirus health myths related to gargling. Excessive gargling has side effects, too, as it can cause dehydration, high blood pressure, calcium deficiency, and dry mouth.

5. Natural Sunlight Is Ineffective On Coronavirus

myths about coronavirus

Till now, it is unknown how sunlight will impact the covid-19. But a new myth says that high temperature and sunlight can kill the virus. Thus, people are going out to take a sunbath. Don’t believe such common health myths as you are safe inside than outside. Stay home!

6. Hand Dryers To Kill The Virus

coronavirus health myths

One of the weirdest myths about coronavirus is that keeping your sinuses at a hot temperature will kill the virus. People having sinuses issues are falling for it. But the WHo says using a hand dryer to keep the sinuses at high temperature is not effective in killing as the virus may survive hot temperature.

7. Spray Alcohol All Over The Body

myths about coronavirus

WHo discard any such coronavirus health myths as spraying alcohol or chlorine is ineffective in a killing virus. Moreover, it is harmful to the human body, especially the eyes and mouth. However, these substances are useful in disinfecting the contaminated surface but used appropriately.

These seven coronavirus health myths are not the only ones that spreading false truth among people as many more are there. Don’t believe any information unless it is approved and stated by the global health experts because the truth is still unknown.

Wash your hands regularly, stay hydrated, stay at home, and immediately seek medical help if you get cold and cough with other symptoms or coronavirus.

Stay safe!

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