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Tik Tok Influencer Who Licked Toilet Seat Under “Coronavirus Challenge” Tests Positive For COVID-19

Coronavirus is not a joke and people are realizing how deadly the disease can be. With 20,000 deaths all over the world and rapidly increasing positive cases for coronavirus, people are worried.

Gay Shawn Mendes who is a  Tik Tok influencer took the “Coronavirus Challenge” in which he licked the edge of the toilet seat has tested positive for coronavirus.

The challenge mocked at the fatal disease to prove that it does not transmit.

Gay Shawn Mendes also called Larz took it to Twitter and told everyone how he has been tested positive for COVID-19.

Twitter has dismissed Shawn’s account from Twitter for indulging in such challenges.

Here is another TikTok influencer who licked the aeroplane toilet seat under the “Coronavirus Challenge”

People have to understand that this is not a joke. People are dying, people are losing their loved ones. Challenges like these provoke people to take up such dangerous challenges and risk their and others lives.

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