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Fight Against Coronavirus: India Under Lockdown For Next 21 Days

PM Modi addressed the nation live today to discuss the global pandemic COVID-19. Many states were already under lockdown and today PM Modi announced the big decision of putting the whole India under lockdown for next 21 days.

India is fighting with coronavirus but social distancing is the only key to control the spread of coronavirus. Social distancing is not for the affected ones. It is for all.

Here Are Some Highlights Given By PM Modi:

  • India under lockdown for next 21 days, starts from midnight
  • Social distancing is the only key to stay safe
  • No matter what do not step outside the house
  • According to the experts, the affected person may show symptoms after 10 days but till then he might affect many people around him.
  • To break the cycle of spreading the virus, 21 days time is necessary.
  • We have to pledge ourselves to not step outside our homes
  • Pray for the ones who have put themselves under threat to protect others.
  • Pray for the doctors working 24*7, ward boys, ambulance drivers, policemen are continuously working for the betterment of the situation.
  • Pray for the people sanitising streets to remove coronavirus.
  • Central and State govt are working continuously to save people.
  • Isolation beds, ventilators, medical and paramedical training is being arranged by the govt
  • Healthcare should be the priority of the govt.
  • Private labs, hospitals are coming forwards to the world with the govt
  • Do not pay attention to rumours and superstitions that take place.
  • Without consulting a doctor do not take any medicine.
  • India will face a financial struggle but saving the people is the priority.
  • Stay wherever you are.
  • Stay safe, be patient, follow all rules and fight back Coronavirus.

We are taking a lesson from Italy and taking a preventive measure against Coronavirus. Italy had all the facilities but still couldn’t save people as the capacity of spreading the virus was very fast.

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