Did You Know Paris’s Eiffel Tower has more than 5 billion lights!

Eiffel tower is one of the most iconic & famous architectural landmarks of Paris. It was constructed in 1889. The motive behind building this humongous tower was to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution.

Eiffel Tower
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The name of Eiffel tower was coined after Gustave Eiffel, a French Civil engineer who designed the tower.

The Eiffel is known as La Tour Eiffel in French. You would be interested to know that its nicknamed as La Dame De Fer which means ‘the iron lady’.

Now if we talk about the measurements of Eiffel Tower. The tower is 1050 feet tall man-made structure. And it was the tallest man-made structure for almost 40 years until Chrysler Building was made in New York.

Don’t be shocked by the fact that Eiffel is made of iron completely & it weighs about 10.000 tones. The Eiffel Tower is painted every 7 years to save it from rust.

5 billion lights (1)
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The tower looks beautiful with darkest brown color at the bottom & brightest at the top.

Did You Know these facts about the Eiffel Tower?

The heat of the sun leads the tower to grow by about 6 inches.

The Eiffel tower consists of more than 5 billion lights.

The Eiffel tower has 108 storeys and 1710 steps. Nevertheless,  visitors can climb stairs to the first platform only. The visitors can reach to the upper platforms via elevators (two huge elevators) installed in the tower.

The Eiffel tower houses two restaurants, a champagne bar, one banquet hall, several buffets & many unique gift shops.

After 20 years of towers construction, it was intended to be dismantled & sold as scrap. But this never happened as it became one of the iconic structures and people of the city loved visiting the tower.

Visitors can go to this place all round the year.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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