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Delicious New Year Party Snacks That Are Super Easy To Cook

If you host a party at your house, the one major thing you are worried about is FOOD. Yes! food is an important factor that pleases your guests. We all love going to our relatives who cook good food and that is a Fact.

New Year is on its way and some of you might be hosting a party at your home. You might be looking up for quick and lip-smacking party snacks.

Well, your search is finally over as below are some super quick starters that you can cook for New Year party.

1. Onion Rings

Onion Rings
Via: Hold the Gluten

Onion rings are super quick and most favourite party snack. Cut the onion in a circular shape and separate its rings. Dip the rings in a mixture of white flour(Maida) and add some spices. Deep fry the rings and serve them to your guests. They will surely love this crispy snack with a coke.

2. Paneer Tandoori Tikka

Paneer Tikka
Via: Viniscookbook

Paneer is the most common ingredients vegetarians add in their food. Marinated paneer, when cooked on a tandoor, gives a smoky flavour which tastes delicious.

3. Rajma Kabab

Via: Living Foodz

Kababs are yet another snack which every party has. You can keep cooked rajma and add spices and make kababs. Serve them hot in this chilling weather.

4. Honey Chilli Potatoes

Chilli potato
Via: YouTube

Honey Chilli Potatoes are mostly served as a Chinese dish where potatoes are fried and tossed with Chinese sauces and veggies.

5. Corn Chaat

crispy corn
Via: Easy vegetarian recipes

Corn chaat can make your party more fun. Boil some corns and add spices to it. You can also add your favourite namkeen to it for an enhanced flavour. To make it more healthy you can even add sprouts and lemon juice.

6. Tandoori Aloo

Tandoori Aloo
Via: Archana’s Kitchen

Just like we marinate chicken, vegetarians can make tandoori aloo.

7. Crispy Veggie/ Chicken Puff

Chicken puff
Via: Tastemade

Take maida dough and put veggies or chicken between the maida dough and bake it. It turns out to be a golden brown puff which is a great snack to welcome your guests.

Which one are you going to make and serve?


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