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Connect with Muslims: PM Modi’s New Strategy for Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections!!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on BJP workers to reach out to all minorities, majorly focusing on Connect with Muslims, without expecting votes in return. Modi’s “Connect with Muslims” advice to BJP workers came during his valedictory address at the BJP National Executive meeting in New Delhi.

PM Modi reportedly warned BJP workers against making irrelevant remarks against movies. This stops the party’s development agenda, he said. PM Modi Warns BJP leaders to refrain from making unnecessary remarks on films. 

Here’s a video of the speech where Modi reminds his fellow party members to connect with Muslime ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections;

Connect with Muslims 

During the BJP’s national executive meeting, PM Modi warned saffron party leaders from indulging themselves in any remarks against the Muslim community and followed by the new motive “Connect with Muslims”. This especially includes remarks made on the upcoming Bollywood movie “Pathan“. Pathan stars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. The movie has been in trend as it has supposedly hurt the sentiments of Hindu religion.

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The message from Narendra Modi spread widely all over the internet. Here are a few posts from social media related to the message;

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