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Comedian Varun Grover’s Sarcastic Rant On Coronavirus Is a Must Watch

There is a big reason why various countries are put under lockdown. People are not stepping out of their homes and practicing quarantine. The pandemic virus has led to shut and cancel almost everything. As every person and organization suggests, wash hands as many times as possible in a day to avoid socializing as much you can to curb the spread of this virus.

However, if you still, after reading all the articles and news on social distancing, still want to go out of your house, then you must listen to Stand up Comedian Varun Grover: he has a message for all those who are taking coronavirus lightly.

The stand-up comedian took to his official twitter handle and shared a short video ranting on the importance of seld-quarantine and social distance amid coronavirus spread.

Watch The Video Here:


Twitterati was impressed by his sarcastic video and also agreed that he said on Social distancing.

A picture is worth thousands of words:

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Well, it is indeed very important to maintain social distancing right now as

‘ye coronavirus hai, sarak ke golgappe nahi hain’.

So, for the sake of your and others’ safety, stay at home.

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