Celine Dion Biopic: A fictional homage and not a biopic

celine dion

It spins out that the Celine Dion Film ‘The Power of Love’ will be more of an imaginary homage and not a biopic, told French studio Gaumont.

The movie will take heavily from the information of the singer’s life and use many of her hit songs, reported Variety.

The film will be directed by stars Valerie Lemercier. She plays Aline, a youthful woman who grows up in a huge Canadian family.

She is recognized as a major talent in her teens, becomes a global phenomenon and encounters the tragedy of losing her companion, just as fallen to Dion.

The film’s promotional material amalgamates Lemercier’s role with Dion, encouraging viewers to “discover the incredible story of Celine Dion through the tender, funny gaze of Valerie Lemercier, who pays her a vibrant homage.”

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However, the names of the roles and some details of Dion’s life have been transformed.
The film is totaled at USD 23 million and is being made by Edouard Weil at Rectangle Productions, in association with Laurent Zeitoun and Caramel Films.