Celebrity News: Here’s how Katie, Jamie maintain their relationship perfectly

hollywood couples

Celebrity News: It spins out that Popular American actress Katie Holmes and her beau actor Jamie Foxx are protecting their relationship perfectly.

The beautiful couple made their initial appearance together in 2013, and forever since then they have formed it more public.

According to some sources; People quoted a source as claiming that the couple spends a bunch of time together, including that they even covered up 2018 with a December 28 yacht outing in Miami, and rode a pair of Jet Skis the next day as well. “They chilled, swam and enjoyed the sun and beach activities, it was a chance to get away and enjoy each other.”

hollywood couples

They believe that the core to a happy and strong relationship is to harmony between their time jointly with family and work, and so they do.

Some sources revealed; “Katie and Jamie see each other as frequently as they can, they have known each other for years, and both turned out to be great parents, so they also have that in common. They are dedicated to their careers,”

“Plus they give each other space,” the source added. “They are both serious-minded, organized and dedicated to their careers,” the source further added.

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Currently, Foxx and Holmes are quite busy in their various projects, Well prior to ‘Annie’ star, the 40-year-old star has been hooked up with Canadian actor Joshua Jackson, Tom Cruise and Chris Klein.

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