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Casual Fridays At Work! Don’t Make These Wardrobe Mistakes

Nowadays, most offices are keeping “Casual Fridays at work” policy to let their employees come in comfortable attire. However, this relaxed dress code policy can put some people in confusion, and they misinterpret the word “casual.”

As a result, they end up dressing as they have just come out from lawnmower. Choosing the right comfortable clothing for casual Fridays is very important to maintain professionalism. However, you cannot do it until you know all the dos and don’ts. So, here you go. 

Dos And Don’ts For Casual Fridays At Work

No Sweat Wears

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Don’t look lazy in other’s eyes by wearing sweats, loungewear, and pajamas. Just because you want to feel comfortable at work does not mean you ignore professionalism for one day. No, you can’t because such attire does not fit at the workplace, not even for a day. 

So, avoid wearing anything that makes you look lazy and less professional.

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Yes To Jeans

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Jeans are perfect for every look, whether you are out for a trip or work. Moreover, there are so many varieties of jeans to choose from. But choose dark color jeans in comparison to lighter ones as they look more like dress pants. 

Also, avoid jeans that have holes, stickers, messy, and look skinny. Either go for wide-leg trousers or boot-cut jeans to get a professional feel. 

Appropriate Shoes For Casual Fridays At Work

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Even if the cute flip flops are the latest fashion for women, avoid wearing them at the office. The same goes for sneakers instead, choose ballet flats, wedges, open-toed pumps, or strappy sandals. 

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Pair With Right Top

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When it comes to what to wear on a casual Friday, females have many options in tops and accessories. They can pair their denim jeans with tops of unique colors and patterns. A blazer with a feminine blouse top looks excellent. Complete the look with a scarf. However, avoid wearing accessories and jewelry that are noisy and clangy. 

No T-shirts And Shorts


T-shirts with words printed on them are not ideal for casual Fridays at work. So, avoid T-shirts at the office unless you get one specially designed for Fridays. Likewise, shorts or tight bottoms are bad clothing for the office. Even if you are allowed to wear shorts at work, then knee-length shorts are appropriate. Wear it with a jacket for a more polished look. 

Maintain the First Impression

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Office is the place where every day is a new day to create an impression on your new clients. Dressing too casually can give a wrong idea about your personality to them. So, be careful about clothing on Fridays and don’t wear anything that is against the policy. 

Enjoy your casual Fridays at work without making these wardrobe mistakes.

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