Girls! Know What Your Footwear Tells About Your Personality

We have heard and somewhere believed in the saying “Your first impression is your last impression”. We are judged on the basis of the clothes and footwear. Clean and creased clothes tell how organized you are. But have you ever thought that your type of footwear can also tell a lot about your personality?

Let us know some shocking but real facts about your personality on the basis of the shoes you wear.

1. High Heels

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Heels reveal a lot about your personality. If you can carry your formal attire with heels, it talks about your bold and confident personality. You are very feminine in your choices if you choose heels over any other footwear. You like to be glamorous and elegant all the time.

2. Flats

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If you keep your comfort over anything else then you would definitely choose flats. You don’t like to stay in discomfort just for the sake of fashion. Flats also reveal that you like to be very casual in your approach. You have a grounded personality. You are a very active person and so you like to choose a comfortable outfit that will help you make quick movements.

3. Ballerinas

Ballerina flats

If you like to keep your style basic yet very classy then you would choose ballerinas. They are a sign of comfort and elegance. They make you look feminine and are comfortable to carry. Ballerina wearing girls are modest, intelligent and focused in their outlook.

4.Lace-Up Sandals

Lace Up Sandals
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The lace-up sandals are usually chosen by sassy girls. They like to be very feminine when they dress up. These sandals look great on lean and dainty foot structures. They add a delicate and elegant look to your feet.

5. Wedges

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Heels like stilettos do add height but undoubtedly are extremely uncomfortable. Wedges on the other side give height and are comfortable. Girls who often choose wedges over delicate heels are strong-headed and conformist. Wedges are a symbol of comfort and style.

6. Flip Flops

Flip Flops
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Girls wearing flip flops very often are very jolly. They have a happy go lucky kind of personality. They give the relaxing vibes of a holiday on a beach. Girls wearing flip flops are very casual and like to keep their style minimal and casual.


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If you are a style-conscious person then you would definitely choose espadrilles. They make you look well kept effortlessly. They are very basic yet make you look elegant and smart. The diva who wants comfy footwear and is tired of carrying heels should definitely try espadrilles.

8. Sneakers

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If you are a sneakers person then trends don’t bother you much. There might be girls going head over heels for the latest trendy footwear. On the other side, you are very happy and comfortable in non-branded sneakers. You don’t believe in outer beauty, you stay focused on your goals. You are a hardworking, organised and simple girl.

Does your personality coincide with any of this type of footwear?

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