Can’t Sleep? 4 Simple Tricks to Fall Asleep Fast That Are Weird but Surprisingly Effective

Oh Shit! It’s 4 o’clock in the freaking morning, and here I am up with my wide-open eyes, flipping my pillow around in irritation. I thought to get my eyes rest for a few hours before I have to get up.


Is this what you say to yourself every day when you can’t sleep at night? Waking up all night is a new normal these days. Not only you but even I am also an insomniac. My bedtime routine consists of turning and tossing for around 30 minutes before eventually getting a restless sleep despite my efforts.

There’s nothing more important than a good night’s sleep! It keeps you energetic for the whole day, restores your strength, cures minor pains and aches, and relaxes all muscle groups and internal organs!

So, without further making stories, let’s come straight to the highlight point. If you are used to being awake at night, look at these hacks of getting asleep in less than 5 minutes.

But before coming to the solutions, let’s scan at the reasons that one should know why they are not able to sleep.

Pushing Yourself In Darkness Is Depression!


Depression is a hot topic these days, but its existence is 1000 years old. Also, depression is one of the biggest compromises of good sleep, and it’s more common in women than men. 

As per doctors, depressed women may sleep more than usual, but their sleep isn’t restful. Some of the antidepressants meant to counteract depression, particularly SSRIs, can also interfere with sleep.



The first and foremost remedy for having a good sleep is to stop overthinking. Overthinking leads to stress, and thus, it leads to depression. After doing all this, still, if you don’t see any result, visit your near health care provider, psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist for help, which may contain talk therapy, medications, or both. If you take antidepressants to sleep and it still keeps you awake, then talk about this to your doctor and ask him to change your drug.

Overthinking Is A Slow Poison!


Undeniably, modern life isn’t easy. Also, in such a hectic schedule with so much pressure, the hustle-bustle, challenging decisions such as real-estate, money, work, and relationships make your life monotonous. Also, living an illusionary “successful” life is mainly reported as a source of stress for many people.

These worries can have a big impact on your sleep routine. We can’t sleep if we think excessively about such things. Often, people living with depression, anxiety, and stress will say that unwanted and racing thoughts make it even harder for people to get enough sleep than any other physical pain type.



Thus, when trying to sleep, distract yourself! Yes, apply “Imagery Distraction” for a good night’s sleep. This band-aid helps you imagine yourself in an interesting and engaging scenario like:

  • A nice bright afternoon in the garden.
  • A relaxing holiday
  • Dating your crush (haha, got a feel?)

In some way, these thoughts will lead you to have a good night’s sleep within a matter of a few minutes.

Falling in Love!


Yes, love makes you sleepless. 

When you start liking/loving someone, you notice that you think about them all day and night. Especially at night, we stay alone and have no one to talk to, so at that moment, we think about our loved one and create scenarios in our head with them to feel at the top of the world.

You spend the whole night just thinking about your crush, his/her sweet talks, smile, and many more. It is no bad thinking about your love, but it is not good if you’re sacrificing your sleep for nothing. Do not disturb your sleep! At night try to avoid thinking about your love and focus on sleeping more as sleepless nights will not help you get his/her attention. Haha!


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The solution says you are the best version of your own solution. As you get on the bed, put your phone aside and close your eyes. You can also read books if you want so that you can sleep faster.

Mobile Phones/Laptop


If you are among those whose last thing is to look after before going to bed and the first thing you check upon awakening is to see your smartphone, you are in a bit of trouble.

You must know how badly this impacts your sleeping ability. 

The blue light emitted by mobile screens can disrupt your body’s sleep preparations by increasing daytime hormones. 



Diminish your exposure by turning off the phone, computers, laptops, and TVs an hour before going to sleep.

If you can’t stay away from blue lights before going to bed, consider buying blue ray-light blocking glasses. It will only cost you around Rs 500-600 only. 

Not able to sleep but also don’t want to turn off your TV or want to watch Netflix? At Least do yourself a favor by dimming the screen’s brightness?

Quick Ways to Fall Asleep Swiftly:

Squeeze all your muscles:


Get in bed, start from squeezing your toes tight, then move to your thighs, butt, and finally, your hands. This will make you feel sleepy, and you will sleep eventually.  

Counting Sheep Trend


Yes, counting sheep tricks can work as it keeps your anxieties at bay, and you start feeling sleepy in no time. While counting sheep, imagine a relaxing and soothing place like a sandy beach, waterfall, or mountains. 

4-7-8 Breathing Technique


This amazing breathing technique helps people sleep in merely 60 seconds. To perform this trick, you need to take heavy breaths for around 1 minute for a better result. Heavy breathing moves more oxygen into your body, releasing the parasympathetic nervous system and making you sleep faster.

Hum Like a Bee:


Warning: This might irritate your partner!

Hum like a bee, also called “bumblebee breath,” is an incredible solution for insomnia. It calms your brain and cuts off all the negative thoughts and emotions, and stimulates the chemical serotonin good for the brain.

Turn off the lights, lie down on your back and start humming like a bee for 10 minutes. Basically, inhale and hum on the exhale, and that’s it.



These sleeping hacks are the never-failing remedies to improve and revamp your sleep schedules. Some of these hacks are instant fixes, while some need you to train your brain and body to flourish and account for healthier habits.

You know that you’re not alone; a pool of 50-70 million people suffer from different types of sleep disorders. It is extremely important to the nth degree to take a positive approach and improve your sleeping habits. A good night’s sleep is a star component of your entire health, and the better you sleep, the healthier you live.

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