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Canadian Man sets Rs. 7.13 Crore On Fire, Reason Will Shock You!

A Canadain Businessman, 55, burnt his 1 million dollars ( 7.13 crore). The purpose behind this step by the man has left netizens shocked. So, why did the man burn such a whopping amount?

He burnt the money just because he did not desire to give any single amount of money to his divorced wife and kids. The man confessed this fact in the court in front of the judge. He claimed that he had receipts for the money withdrawn and burnt. However, until now, no evidence of the incident has found.

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“I find what you have done to be morally reprehensible,” said Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips, prior jailing Bruce for 30 days.

After doing such a foolish thing, as per Ottawa’s law, Bruce was charged to spend one month behind bars. The best part about this case is that the man confessed his crime himself in court.

The court blames Bruce to be an irresponsible parent

Bruce McConville admitted that he was very disturbed and annoyed with the divorce procedure and did not want to give any money. Burning money, this step was taken by him out of frustration.

He also said “I burned that amount. I don’t usually do such things in my life. I have always been economical in terms of money. This is why my business has been successful for 31 years.”

Well, what are your reviews on this funny yet crazy case?

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